Monday, July 22, 2024

Jim Sarbh’s clarification on ‘mental therapy’ comment: Nothing I said refers to Ranveer Singh

Mumbai, June 29, 2024
After an old video of Jim Sarbh talking about actors talking about going for “mental therapy” over portraying characters on screen, has now come out with a clarification stating that it was not meant for Ranveer Singh.

Sarbh’s comment had gone viral and several netizens assumed it was for his “Padmaavat” co-star Ranveer.

The actor has now come out with a clarification on Instagram, which read: “I find this almost absurd to have to clarify, but since folks are running wild with the videos and the articles: Nothing I said refers to Ranveer Singh.”

He said that the viral video byte being shared is from “Made in Heaven” Season 2 promotions.

Jim added: “5 whole years since Padmaavat came out. 5 years.”

He then said that he had only “lovely” things to talk about Ranveer. “I only had lovely things to say about Ranveer as a co-actor — look it up. I still do,” he added.

Sarbh continued, “Also: it is not an attack on process. I love the process, and I love actors. The video is making fun of actors who exaggerate their process.”

“I’m sure you’ve all met people who talk about their work more than do their work. Can’t wait for the next article or video shooting off my shoulder.”

Jim captioned the post: “I usually don’t respond to speculative videos and articles, because they’re boring and I assume people know better. Of course, just like some of you, I assumed wrong.

“Too many people have forwarded me things, and now journalists/interviewers are ‘identifying’ me as a ‘critic’, despite me never having mentioned anyone at all, let alone @ranveersingh. @ranveersingh ‘Spiders’ by System of a Down.”(Agency)

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