Saturday, July 20, 2024

Deepika Padukone’s LiveLoveLaugh announces ‘Lecture Series Unplugged’ launch

Mumbai, June 29 2024-

Actress Deepika Padukone’s LiveLoveLaugh (LLL) foundation has announced a new platform for mental health conversations with the launch of ‘Lecture Series Unplugged’.

This quarterly event aims to build awareness and sustain open discussions about mental health.

Deepika, Founder of LiveLoveLaugh, said: “Over the last decade, LLL has managed to successfully create a safe space for crucial mental health conversations. With ‘Lecture Series Unplugged’, LLL aims to reach a broader audience by offering relatable stories that can further strengthen our impact on individuals, communities, and society at large.”

The series will spotlight prominent figures sharing their lived experiences and insights on success, failures, triumphs, and learnings.

“By featuring personal stories, we’d like to foster a sense of connection and hope and an understanding that mental health challenges are a common part of the human experience,” said Shyam Bhat, psychiatrist and chairperson of LiveLoveLaugh.

‘Lecture Series Unplugged’ is co-hosted by Deepika’s sister Anisha Padukone, CEO of LiveLoveLaugh, and Shyam Bhat, who provides expert insights.

In the maiden episode, actor, influencer, and content creator Danish Sait shares his mental health strategies and experiences in an engaging discussion.

“Seeing a psychiatrist really healed me because the medication aided me in calming my mind,” notes Sait during the ‘Lecture Series Unplugged’ episode, while advocating for individuals to use a self-compassionate approach to deal with life’s challenges.

‘Lecture Series Unplugged’ episodes will be available on the foundation’s website and social media handles. (Agency)

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