Saturday, July 20, 2024

Ritviz joins hands with Pakistani pop-R&B sensation Hasan Raheem for ‘Mehrbaan’

Mumbai, June 21 2024-

Indian independent music artiste Ritviz has joined hands with Pakistani pop-R&B sensation Hasan Raheem for a new track titled ‘Mehrbaan’.

“This collaboration felt like a natural progression,” shared Ritviz in a statement.

“Hasan’s music has always resonated with me, and I believe our creative energies collide beautifully in ‘Mehrbaan’. I continue to create music that inspires me, and it’s been an honour to collaborate with him on this track,” added the singer, who is known for tracks such as “Udd Gaye” and “Liggi”

Raheem, who is Pakistan’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year (2021), and a certified doctor, said that working on the track was an absolute joy.

Raheem said: “Working with Ritviz on ‘Mehrbaan’ was an absolute joy. We connected instantly over our passion for music and storytelling, and it’s translated into something truly special. This song is more than just a collaboration; it’s a symbol of the bridges music can build.”

Multidisciplinary artiste Santanu Hazarika has lent his design charm to the artwork of the song.

Hazarika said: “Ritviz & Hasan coming together seems like such an organic fit & it’s such a delight to create for both of them, especially for such a special project. It also seems like an organic way to grow alongside the Ritviz universe, where we’ve taken on a different tonality to highlight a new phase of his career.” (Agency)

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