Sunday, July 21, 2024

Meta AI arrives in India on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more

New Delhi, June 24 2024-

Tech giant Meta on Monday announced the availability of its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant in India on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and — that is built with the latest ‘Llama 3’ large language model (LLM).

Millions of users in the country can apply Meta AI in feed, chats and more across the apps to get things done, create content, and deep dive on topics, without having to leave the app they are using, the company said in a statement.

“It’s starting to roll out in India in English. You can use Meta AI on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram to get things done, learn, create and connect with the things that matter to you,” said Meta.

The company first announced Meta AI at last year’s ‘Connect’ event.

The users in India can ask Meta AI in WhatsApp group chat to recommend restaurants with great views and vegan options for you and your friends to consider.

“Ask Meta AI to give you ideas of places to stop on a road trip. Cramming for a test? Ask Meta AI on the web to create you a multiple choice test,” said the company.

One can also access Meta AI when scrolling through Facebook Feed.

“Come across a post you’re interested in? You can ask Meta AI for more info right from the post. So if you see a photo of the northern lights in Iceland, you can ask Meta AI what time of year is best to check out the aurora borealis,” according to the company. (Agency)

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