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Preneet Deepinder S Dhillon PatPatiala, April 25, 2014–

With only six days left for the polling, the campaign here has turned personal with the rivals -SAD candidate Deepinder Singh Dhillon and Congress candidate Preneet Kaur exchanging barbs against each other.

While Preneet Kaur termed Dhillon as turncoat and the SADBJP combine as a government of criminals, Dhillon hit back by calling Preneet Kaur as arrogant and inaccessible.

Preneet never uses hard language but a battery of Congress leaders attack Dhillon on her behalf by terming him as backstabber and untrustworthy.

Dhillon at rallies in Sanaur said that the famous Punjabi saying 'Kaun kahe rani nu ki ---' (who can dare to point a finger at the queen) came into mind after seeing the pathetic condition of this constituency. The maharani didn't carry out any development activity here since years and still nobody dared to hold her accountable for this." If she succeeds for the fourth time, development will become a distant dream in this constituency for years to come."

He said that Preneet Kaur never tried to reach out to the marginalized elements of the society as her arrogance did not let her mix up with general public. He further said it was a well known fact that the general public cannot meet the royal family members who are infamous for keeping themselves confined to their coterie all the time.

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