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Jakhar terms BJP Sankalp Patra a blueprint of PM Modi’s guarantee of resilient India

Chandigarh, April 15, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolve to act against corrupt however high and mighty makes him the most admired leader, Punjab BJP President Sunil Jakhar said while underlining that jailed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s corrupt ways and Punjab Chief Bhagwant Bhagwant Mann’s failure to ensure any justice to any Punjab issue stands in stark contrast to philosophy espoused by Baba Sahib Bhimrao Ambedkar revered by AAP leaders publically for reaping political benefits.

Jakhar expressed these views here at a press conference after releasing the Sankalp Patr / Manifesto.

“Why don’t the Punjab Government bring Kejriwal to Punjab on production warrant and then the CM can meet his supremo whenever he wishes.

This way at least Punjab will have its Chief Minister staying in Punjab and the governance might improve, Jakhar quipped.

Jakhar said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of making India a developed nation is evident throughout the Manifesto of the BJP.

The Manifesto is the personal guarantee of Prime Minister who has become an institution of trust and credibility for 140-crore Indians, Jakhar said that underlying theme of Manifesto is to develop and harness capabilities of each and every Indian towards nation building.

Referring to guarantees of Prime Minister to make India self-reliant in every major sphere of economic development, Jakhar said what sets BJP apart from other parties is the nuanced understanding and execution of all schemes.

Listing out the provision to install Solar Panels to allow people generate and sell surplus electricity produced, Jakhar said BJP does not believe in distributing Rewaris for sake of it.

The guarantee will not only ensure against any burden on exchequer but will also act as an incentive for income generation for citizens, he added.

“AAP had promised free power and zero bills to people of Punjab while not making any provision for fulfilling the same, and everyone knows what has happened to this hollow promise, Jakhar said any scheme without prior allocation of funds is bound to fail.

On making India a 5 trillion dollar economy, Jakhar said India’s growing economic helt today resonates at the global high table with leaders of leading countries looking towards India’s mediation to resolve international issues, Jakhar further said. This has been possible because of strong decisions taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Underscoring BJP’s resolve to ensure Punjab regains its place of prominence in national development, Jakhar said he would add one more guarantee to list.

“As party representative, I would ensure peace and rule of law prevails in Punjab at all times. Effective Law and Order is BJP’s guaratuee to Pujnabis, Jakhar added.

Responding to a media query, Jakhar said the murder of VHP leader Vikas Bagga was a deliberate attempt to vitiate Punjab’s peace on communal lines.

The targeted killing must have been condemned by one and all but silence of AAP and so called liberal parties including Congress is baffling. The CM did not even had time to enquire about bereaved family’s sense of loss leave alone ensuring any justice to them, Jakhar added.





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