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Ex-Pak Army officer claims Pakistani actresses used as ‘honey traps’ by country’s establishment

New Delhi, Jan 2, 2023- A retired Pakistani military officer and YouTuber has alleged that some actresses were used as ‘honey traps’ by the country’s powerful establishment, according to media report.

Pakistani actress Sajal Aly has responded to social media posts tarnishing her character after the ex-military man apparently levelled vile allegations against her and some other female actors, Samaa TV reported.

Sajal has been under fire since the retired military official, Major Adil Raja, who runs a YouTube channel named ‘Soldier Speaks’ which has more than 290,000 subscribers, released a vlog.

In it, he alleged that some actresses were used as ‘honey trap’ by the country’s powerful establishment, Samaa TV reported.

Although he did not take the name of any actor, he used their initials.

As soon as the video went viral, people comprehended the initials to be of the actors who had worked in the dramas produced by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Samaa TV reported. Sajal Aly was among them too.

Several debasing trolls were then posted on social media and Sajal finally responded to them, condemning the trend.

In a tweet, she said, “It is very sad that our country is becoming morally debased and ugly; character assassination is the worst form of humanity and sin.”

In April last year, there were reports that retired army officer Adil Raja, who had reportedly gone missing from Islamabad, has “safely” reached his family in the United Kingdom, Dawn reported.

Raja is an active political commentator on Twitter and an ardent supporter of former premier Imran Khan. He had also criticised the ouster of Khan and his government and called for the re-election of the PTI chief as Prime Minister in one of his tweets on April 10, Dawn reported.

According to his profile on Twitter, he is a war veteran and currently a columnist.

The ex-army officer has also been very critical of the new government – the Sharif family in particular – and has sporadically called them out for their alleged corruption.

The day Shehbaz Sharif had taken oath as the Prime Minister, Raja had tweeted: “Appointment of the new Crime Minister is an indication of our System Failure”, Dawn reported.  (Agency)

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