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Jakhar’s question to farmer leaders: “Crop already being lifted at MSP, Then what are we protesting for”

Chandigarh, March 3, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

Pointing out that since all wheat and paddy produced in Punjab is being lifted at MSP by Centre, Punjab BJP President Sunil Jakhar asked so-called farmer leaders as to whose battle they are fighting.

A guarantee of MSP will not solve the entire problem as none of the remaining 21 crops is as remunerative as Paddy and Wheat, Jakhar said underlining the need for genuine discussion and deliberation with all stakeholders.

Our ground water table is depleting at an alarming rate and we need to consider moving away from water guzzling crops, Jakhar said flagging the concern.

It is the responsibility of farmer leaders to tell what is Punjab to gain from this protest as we are already getting MSP on wheat and paddy which we produce, Jakhar said expressing sympathy with all genuine concerns of farmers.

Jakhar asked which crop farmers want to grow and want MSP on after forsaking wheat and paddy which consume water in huge quantities.

Our farmers know if they keep growing wheat and paddy though they get assured MSP on these two, there will be no water to grow any crop in coming years, Jakhar said challenging the farmer leaders to name any one crop or crops from remaining 21 MSP mandated ones they wish to shift to, while offering to take their proposal to Centre for implementation of immediate MSP guarantee.

Punjab farmers are getting MSP and that is what irks other states, Jakhar said warning those trying to incite Punjab’s youth to use them for their political motives. Why those states not getting MSP fight their own battle and are using Punjab for their benefit, he asked.

Jakhar also cautioned Punjab farmer leaders that those who are today encouraging you to fight will be the first ones to label and defame you once their motives are fulfilled.

Citing protest of 2021, Jakhar said first our youngsters were misled and their route for Jan 26 Tractor March was deliberately altered to create confusion and violence so to label them as terrorists later.

The Punjab BJP President also announced that the party would lead a protest in Chandigarh tomorrow March 4 on the issue.

No more Shubkaran of Punjab should meet the same fate ever, Jakhar emotionally appealed to farmer leaders of other states including Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to shun from this path of using Punjab as their battle ground .

Citing data, Jakhar said in 2014, a total of 1.18 LMTs (Lakh Metric Tonnes) of paddy was purchased by transferring Rs. 16,000 Crores directly into accounts of the farmers.

Further, in Kharif Season 23-24, Rs. 40,385 Crores have been transferred into bank accounts of farmers directly for procurement of 1.82 LMTs of paddy which is over 60 LMTs of paddy more than paddy purchased on MSP in 2014, he said.

While expressing sympathies with farmers of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Jakhar said nobody can allow use of Punjab’s youth as cannon fodder for someone else’s motives.

They should fight for their own rights and demands and while we fully sympathise with them we cannot allow our sons to be misused and misled.

We will support them and our sympathies are with them, but their leaders must stop using our youngsters as bait to fight their cause, Jakhar added.

Taking on Congress leadership for hobnobbing with aap and doing nothing for saving farmer interests, Jakhar said Congress must stop using farmers for kind of politics which is totally bereft of any understanding of farmer issues and their concerns. Is any of the Congress leader willing to shift to Jawar or Bajra in place of paddy or wheat, he asked.




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