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5 job portals to help you in finding the right job in 2022

New Delhi, Jan 23, 2022 – Businesses all throughout the world have been impacted by the spread of the pandemic. According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, around 22.7 million jobs were lost in April and May 2021. (CMIE).

As businesses return to normal and hiring activity in India has surged, with August witnessing an 89 percent year-on-year increase, hiring for specific roles has grown as well, with more movement across the market.

There will always be a need for talented professionals to work for the firms as the business grows in the approaching year. Many job portals have grown as a result of this. More than 80% of job postings are filled through the biggest employment portals, according to estimates. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best Job Portals to help you find work.

Here is the list of 5 job portals to help you in finding the right job 2022:


Indeed is one of India’s most popular job search engines, with users searching for opportunities all around the world. Indeed, is assisting in the provision of employment throughout the epidemic with its Coronavirus Work Tools. You can search for millions of jobs and advance your career using the India Yes online employment marketplace. was founded in 2008, at the dawn of India’s digital transformation, at a time when the need for a transparent and effective online portal connecting job seekers and recruiters was greatest. While other employment portals rushed in to fill the apparent demand,’s founding team performed a thorough investigation into the current market difficulties and the different ways that technology may be used to address them.

This data-driven, tech-driven approach has paid off handsomely: the portal now has 8,000+ businesses on board, including big corporations like SBI Life Insurance, Deloitte, Infosys, ICICI, and Amazon, and offers over 3 lakh+ jobs to its vast pool of over 4.1 crore registered jobseekers.

Jobs for her

A platform that connects women to jobs, community, mentoring, reskilling, inspiration, and networking opportunities in order to help them advance their careers. It was founded in 2015 and now links over 2.2 million job seekers with over 7500 firms around the country. Mentorship is also available for women who want to start or resume their careers on the platform. In addition, the brand has over 500 reskilling partners to help women reskill/upskill before entering/reentering the job.


Monster is a well-known website for job seekers all across the world, including Indians. It has a well-developed and extensive network of Indian recruiters and job seekers. Both employers and future employees have a wide range of possibilities. It was founded in 1999 when The Monster Board and Online Career Center merged. It is based in Weston, Massachusetts, and is a subsidiary of Randstad Holding, a Dutch global human resource consulting organisation.

Platform provides a variety of services, including access to a resume database, listings, and response management tools. served over 76,000 corporate clients in 2017-2018, with over 4, 75,000 jobs live at any given time and over 60 million CVs. In India, the firm has 56 offices in 42 locations, as well as international offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain.  (Agency)

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