World Sikh Parliament condemns attack on Kabul Gurudwara, demands protection for Sikhs in Afghanistan

New York, Mar 26, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)
The World Sikh Parliament condemns in the strongest possible terms the atrocity carried out by assailants in the Sikh compound of the Afghan capital Kabul this morning, 7.45am local time.

Our prayers are with those who have been the victims of the evil, for their loved ones and survivors to be in eternal high spirits.

We understand that detailed information is not yet certain as to the motives or identity of the perpetrators, the World Sikh Parliament demands the government of Afghanistan and authorities in Kabul place the most stringent possible security measures around the remaining Sikh community hubs and Gurdwara’s across the country.

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Sdr. Joga Singh, Speaker of the World Sikh Parliament said “It should be the highest priority of the local authorities and national government to investigate, prosecute and punish those involved in the planning and executing of such a vicious and heinous criminal attack and will be expecting to see movement and action toward such at the earliest possible opportunity.”

We have confidence in the Afghan government and authorities that they will take all the necessary steps to ensure safety and wellbeing of the Sikh community. At the same time we appeal to Sikhs around the world to help in any which way they can to support our communities in all countries where they are subject to harassment and even persecution to show that none of us stand alone.

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