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Weird Musk fans ask parents to allow kids for Tesla FSD test on road

San Francisco, Aug 13, 2022- After a road test found that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology allegedly failed to detect child-sized mannequin in the middle of the road, some overzealous Elon Musk fans are now asking parents to allow their kids for a test to dismiss earlier claims.

One such Musk fan group, Whole Mars Catalog, has posted on Twitter, asking real kids for a Tesla road test.

“Is there anyone in the Bay Area with a child who can run in front of my car on Full Self-Driving Beta to make a point? I promise I won’t run them over… (will disengage if needed) (this is a serious request),” Whole Mars Catalog tweeted.

“Will demonstrate FSD Beta and forward collision warning with an adult and with a younger person to show that TSLAQ is a liar. TSLAQ is very afraid of being exposed as liars. But if we have to disengage we will show that too,” the Musk fan group further said.

According to a safety test conducted by the Dawn Project, owned by Dan O’Dowd who is a self-described billionaire and founder of Green Hills Software, the latest version of Tesla FSD Beta software repeatedly hit a stationary, child-sized mannequin in its path.

A professional test driver found that the FSD software “failed to detect the child-sized figure at an average speed of 25mph and the car then hit the mannequin”, The Guardian reported this week.

The Tesla road test on child-sized mannequin triggered a chain of reaction on social media.

Electrek reported that there was a real problem with the test.

“They never activated Tesla’s FSD Beta in the test. The vehicle does appear to be equipped with FSD Beta, or at least FSD Beta visualisation, but it clearly wasn’t activated in the test video”, the report argued.

Musk replied: “The Guardian swallows scam video hook, line and sinker!”

Whole Mars Catalog said that they have performed similar tests in the past with no injuries, fatalities, or close calls.

“College kids walking, crawling, even wearing a chicken suit and crossing in front of cars,” it claimed.

“Okay someone volunteereda they just have to convince their wife,” it added.

The Musk fan group was slammed by the Twitterati.

“This is the most retarded thing I’ve seen in a very very long time,” one Twitter user posted.

“These Elon stans (obsessive fans) are weird and dangerous,” another posted.  (Agency)

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