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Suresh Raina launches Indian cuisine restaurant in Amsterdam

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New Delhi, June 27, 2023- Beyond the cricket ground, Suresh Raina broadens his horizons and starts a brand-new project in the centre of Amsterdam. Raina’s restaurant, “Rainas,” gives residents and visitors alike a unique eating experience, and pledges to introduce the varied and rich cuisines of India to the Netherlands.

Suresh has always harboured the dream of opening a genuine Indian restaurant because of his love of food and his strong appreciation for India’s rich culinary heritage. The opening of “Rainas” not only exemplifies his dedication to the culinary arts but also represents the result of years of preparation, thought, and emotion.

Rainas boasts a meticulously curated menu, featuring a wide array of traditional Indian dishes prepared with the finest ingredients and a masterful touch. From the flavorful curries of the north to the aromatic biryanis of the south, the restaurant promises to transport diners on a delightful journey across India’s diverse culinary landscape.

Commenting on his latest venture, the cricketer shared his enthusiasm, stating, “I am delighted to bring the flavours of India to Amsterdam. Food has always been an integral part of my life, and I wanted to create a dining experience that captures the essence of Indian cuisine. I hope Raina’s becomes a place where people can enjoy not just the food, but also the culture and traditions that surround it.”

Raina’s unwavering dedication to his dream is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant. From the thorough menu selection to the thoughtful interior design, Raina has been deeply involved in shaping the restaurant’s vision, ensuring it captures the true essence of Indian cuisine and culture.

Rainas opened its doors on 20th June, 2023, inviting guests to embark on a remarkable journey through the diverse flavours of India. Raina hopes that the restaurant will become a hub for food enthusiasts, a place where individuals can savour the traditional tastes of India while creating cherished memories. (Agency)

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