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Rahul Mahajan: I feel free after quitting alcohol, cigarettes

New Delhi, Dec 2, 2020-
Bigg Boss season 2 contestant Rahul Mahajan, who is the son of late politician Pramod Mahajan, says he has quit alcohol and cigarettes. He also opened up about Bollywood personalities currently embroiled in the drug scandal, stating that if one wants to live longer the body needs to be kept healthy and nice.

Rahul told in a tete-tete that he is now focussing on a healthier lifestyle.

“Health, personal life, improving on my own self (is keeping me busy). I quit smoking and drinking. I am into healthy food, workout, improving my life spiritually, physically, mentally, personal relationships. So I am working on my whole thing as a perspective of life,” claimed Rahul, when asked what is keeping him away from the public eye.

He added: “I am 45, (and have a) different perspective of life. (I have) more intensity. Listening to gurus like Sat Guru and Osho, you go to spiritualism at a certain age. (I am) More into spiritualism, health and cause of life and a lot of other things which are not media-oriented. There are things in play but they don’t come out. So, I am working on a couple of things. The Media thing was more of a hobby for me, it was never like business.”

How does he feel now after being smoke and alcohol free?

“(I feel) Free. It is not like if I get a show like Bigg Boss, I will go partying and drinking. There is freedom. There is no need for a cigarette. I feel free,” said Rahul.

Rahul is all set to return on Bigg Boss, in the ongoing season 14, as a challenger. He was a challenger in the eighth season, too, and he says contestants smoking on the reality show are “suffering”.

“They are addicted to cigarettes. I am not even addicted to coffee. So (I have) that much of control. That much of transformation I have got and I feel free from everything I don’t need. Now, I know how boring it is when you drink and talk,” he said.

Asked what he has to say about Bollywood stars who are embroiled in the drug scandal, Rahul, who was once under the scanner for his consumption of drugs, emphasised these stars should give freedom from addiction a try as he did.

“Not only for Bollywood stars, this is (true) for everybody out there — (it is important) to live a healthy life because it is for our body. Your soul has to stay in a healthy body. If your body is not good, your soul will depart. If you want to live longer, keep it nice and healthy and that goes for each and every person,” Rahul stressed.

Going into Bigg Boss 14, life comes a full circle for Rahul.

“It is a full circle because it was my first television show ever in 2008, on season two. Then I went in season eight as a challenger and this is the third time I am going in, so it is a full circle in a way — it started for me from Bigg Boss and again it is Bigg Boss now. So I am happy. It is like season two, eight and 14. It is like every six seasons I am coming back on the show!” he pointed out.

“I am very happy to go back to the house because it is a different experience. Not everybody gets the privilege of going again and again, and I am going for the third time,” he concluded, promising that he would add a sprinkle of entertainment in the show. (Agency)

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