Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma drops new single ‘Duji Vaar Pyar’

Mumbai, Dec 16, 2019-

“Jaani tera naa” fame singer Sunanda Sharma has come up with a new single, “Duji vaar pyar”.

Apart from lending her voice, Sunanda also features in the track’s music video.

“Every song brings forth an experience worth cherishing a lifetime. ‘Duji vaar pyar’ stirred my soul. My personal playlist includes songs that are mostly of the soothing romantic genre. They are my go-to numbers for unwinding and peace. The old golds, the Pakistani songs rekindle my spirit. Hence, shooting this song was a very dear experience because it was also the first time I had to act, too. Bringing the emotions of the song alive on my face made me nervous in a way I enjoyed. The line between acting and real dissolved when I shot it. It was a beautiful amalgamation,” Sunanda said.

The music of the song has been composed by Sukh-E and its verses are written by Jaani.


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