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NIA bares links between Gurugram gangster Kaushal Chaudhary, Arsh Dalla

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Lawrence Bishnoi and Kaushal Chaudhary gangs have historically been rivals

New Delhi, Oct 1, 2023- Following the startling revelation of gangsters Lawrance Bishnoi and Davinder Bambhia’s ties to Pakistan’s ISI and Khalistani separatists, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has also uncovered connections between the notorious Kaushal Chaudhary gang (active in Haryana, especially Gurugram) and the wanted Khalistani supporter and terrorist Arshdeep Singh Gill, a.k.a Arsh Dalla, who is associated with the Bambiha Gang and a member of the Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF)

It’s worth noting that Lawrence Bishnoi and the Kaushal Chaudhary gang have historically been rivals.

Bishnoi connection with terrorist Harvinder Singh Sandhu a.k.a Rinda and Chaudhary association with Dalla sheds light on a complex web of connections allegedly orchestrated by Pakistan ISI and Khalistani supporters, with operations extending beyond national borders.

Both Bishnoi and Chaudhary are behind the bars and in judicial custody.

Kaushal Chaudhary in 2016 had harboured infamous gangster Devender Bambiha in Gurugram. Thereafter, Devender Bambiha developed a close association with the gang of accused Kaushal Choudhary and the duo started working together.

This was revealed in the NIA charge sheet and investigation.

“Arsh Dalla, Gaurav Patyal a.k.a Sourav Thakur a.k.a Lucky, Sukhdool Singh, etc., key members of terrorist syndicate/gang, have their networks in Canada, the US, Europe, Middle East, Thailand, Dubai, Philippines, etc. It has also been revealed during the investigation that their jail-based associates like Bhupi Rana, Sukhpreet Singh alias Budda, Kaushal Choudhary, Amit Dagar, etc., have established their own control rooms abroad to increase their area of influence,” read the NIA charge sheet.

“Amit Dagar and Kaushal Choudhary have their associates, i.e., Dinesh Gandhi, Daler Quote , Neeraj Pandit, etc., in different countries to run the syndicate/gang smoothly,” stated the NIA charge sheet.

The NIA charge sheet further exposed the links of jailed gangster Bhupi Rana and his Shaukey Rana, who is sitting abroad to look after his work from there.

“The accused persons based abroad are operating the syndicates by using virtual mobile numbers to evade Law Enforcement Agencies whereas accused persons lodged in Indian jails are running syndicate operations through mobile phones,” claimed the NIA in its charge sheet.

“Investigation has revealed that in the month of April 2020, Amit Dagar, who is member of Kaushal Chaudhary-Amit Dagar gang, when he was lodged in the Rohini Jail, made contact with Gaurav Patyal with the help of absconding accused Dinesh Sharma a.k.a Gandhi through WhatsApp,” the charge sheet stated.

The sources said that Dagar told Gaurav Patyal to increase the area of influence of the syndicate/gang .

It has also been revealed during the NIA investigation that a plan was made by the gang of Lawrence Bishnoi in 2018 to enter Gurugram and kill Kaushal Choudhary and Amit Dagar.

“Thus, Kaushal Choudhary and Amit Dagar also decided to join hands with the Punjab based gangs who had a rivalry with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Hence, accused Amit Dagar started working together with Gaurav Patyal and Fateh Nagri, Punjab based criminal of Bambiha gang,” stated the charge sheet.

Kaushal Choudhary, who was already acquainted with Gaurav Patyal and Sukhpreet Singh a.k.a Budda, met them in Dubai.

Later on, Kaushal Chaudhary came in contact with Fateh Nagri of Bambiha gang, while both were lodged in Sangrur Jail. After some time, accused Naveen Bali and Sunil Balyan a.k.a Tillu Tajpuria (now deceased) also came in contact with Gaurav Patyal.

“In year 2021, while Amit Dagar was lodged in Central jail, Tihar, he developed friendship with accused Bhupinder Singh a.k.a Bhupi Rana , associate of Bambiha gang. Thus, by year 2021, the main associates of Bambiha gang had come in contact with the friendly gangs, operating in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, etc., and started working together to execute their plans, with intention to increase their area of influence and operations. Their interaction, meeting and continuous conversation by using mobile phones from jails, led to many major incidents subsequently,” the charge sheet stated.

As per NIA sources, the gang members of Kaushal Chaudhary were tasked to eliminate Ajay Jaildar, Joney alias Hans, Inder, Devender Nuhani (owner of Harish Bakery in Bhiwadi and Gurugram) and Dr. S.P. Yadav, all residents of Gurugram.

Even in the NIA charge sheet, it is claimed that Dalla had also tasked the gangsters to eliminate famous Punjabi singer Mankirt Singh Aulakh, RSS leader Naresh Kumar and Shiv Sena Hind leader Amit Arora.

According to NIA, Both Kaushal and Amit were involved in extortion/threatening/killing of businessmen and striking terror among singers, businessmen and sportspersons, and in arranging weapons for the execution of acts of terror and violence.

“They were both in touch with, and conspired with foreign-based terrorists, as well as ground operatives, through social media platforms for the execution of extortion/killing terror activities. The money raised from the extortions was being utilised for furtherance of terror activities and for providing logistic support to other gangs, including Bambiha gang, active in India,” said the official. (Agency)

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