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National Sikh Games 2020 to be organised in New Delhi

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New Delhi, December 1, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)
National Sikh Games (NSG) 2020 that is a modelled replica of Australian Sikh Games will be organized at New Delhi from from Jan 9,2020 to Jan 11,2020 across various venues in National Capital in which around 2500 athletes from 10 states will participate in over 16 sports competition said Manjinder Singh Sirsa President Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Committee here today.

National Sikh Games, dedicated to 550 th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji will be organised by Delhi based philanthropic Jap Jaap Sewa Trust in active partnership with Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee and various sports,cultural associations with the aim to bring sports to the heart of the Sikh community and tap in a unique sporting talents of Sikh Youths to tackle problem of Obesity, Drugs menace among sikh childrens through sports and physical activities .

Athletes can register themselves in different traditional and contemporary sports competitions being organised in this event such as Basket Ball, Badminton,Table Tennis, hockey, Chess, Atheletics, tug-of-war, , athletics, Shooting,Cycling ,Power Lifting etc competitions. Cultural events include Bhangra, Gidda, singing, stand-up comedy and other small fun activities in which both men and women can participate,

NSG, the premier sporting and cultural event for the Indian Sikh community is being held at second successive year in New Delhi at four different venues at Major Dhyan Chand Stadium, Sirifort Complex and CWG Yamuna Sports complex and Indira Gandhi outdoor stadium to reinforce Sikh identity though sports .

The launch event will be attended by over 10,00 members of the sports enthusiastic , representatives from different sports and cultural organisations , representatives from different Gurdwaras from National capital region etc . The organisers aim to see more than one lakh sports spectators turning up at the events in three days at four stadiums from Jan 9,2020 to Jan 11,2020 .

The performances of Gatka (Sikh martial arts), besides the bhangra, giddha and drummers will create a vibrant start at inauguration function of the National Sikh Games 2020.

For registration for both sports and cultural activities, interested people can visit the website, or visit its Facebook page for more information .

.Around 1000 athlete participated in picturesque marathon race organised on 3 rd November 2019 from Iconic India Gate to Gurdwara Rakab Ganj to educate the youth about the premier sporting and cultural event and raise awareness against obesity and the menace of drug abuse among new sikh generation said Sh Satnam Singh General Secreatary Jap Jaap Sewa Trust here today . .

Both Sikh boys and girls are eligible for participation in games and any participant winners who breaks national record will be sponsored for training in best sports academies for specialised training and coaching in their respective sports at a more professional level to prepare them to compete in international sports tournaments and championships at the expenses of Sikh Games organizers Jap Jaap Sewa Trust . The event will showcase Sikh pride in all its glory with feeling of community warmth and joy from all over National Capital Region Delhi said Sh Satnam Singh General Secreatary Jap Jaap Sewa Trust here today .

For many of the players, who have great enthusiasm and much talent, the Games will provide an ideal outlet to many who harbour dreams of pursuing the sport at a more professional level .The free food through langar and fruit , juice, snacks etc will be served to all the participants and attendants for complete three days by DSGMC gurdwara volunteers and all sikh traditions will be followed humbly and strictly .More than 100 gurdwara volunteers will spend their time and effort to make sure every little aspect of the Games run smoothly. There will be around 50 volunteers in the Langar area to make sure meals were prepared in time and the guests were served in a functional manner. This will the first time in Games history that the Langar will be cooked on site.

National Sikh Games will set a benchmark for holding international Sikh Games in future .

. Sikh sports will aim at putting community kids back in touch with their culture, especially as they participate in – traditional sports such as kabaddi , arms twisting etc

and foster stronger community bonding among sikh residents of all ages and races and across different region of national capital region Delhi .

The corporate community has also been approached for Platinum , Gold and Silver sponsorship to raise funds for the less privileged through their participation .

We have already got signals and highly motivating response from various Sikh Celebrities to be part of the Sikh Games by joining in Expert Panels for finalizing all the guidelines rules-regulations containing in the Manual of Sikh Games .National Sikh Games will be annual event depending on response of sikh sportspersons and sikh community said Sh Manjinder Singh Sirsa President Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Committee here today.

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