Modi govt. should make names of 312 NRI Sikhs taken out from ‘Black List’, number much larger: Khaira

Chandigarh, Sept 20, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)
In a statement issued here today, Bholath MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira said although he welcomed the deletion of names of 312 Sikhs living abroad from the so called black list but doubted that the number of those included in the said list was much much higher.

Khaira asked why the BJP government or the Akali Dal leaders who are taking credit for this are not releasing the names of those 312 deleted and the names of the two persons who are still on the list?

Khaira said the reality is that the number of those Sikhs included in the black list ran into thousands and not 312 as claimed by SAD-BJP. He wondered why there is a need for such a black list, when the law of land permits the government to arrest any fugitive or law breaker if he came to India?

Khaira said the bogey of black list had been created by the central government to create a scare amongst the Sikhs living abroad, not to raise their voice against India for any of their anti Punjab or anti Sikh agenda.

He said it was natural on the part of Sikhs to raise their voice and peacefully demonstrate against the central government attack on Darbar Sahib in 1984 or the genocide of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in 1984. He said the black list was actually a draconian step of the Indian government to malign and defame Sikhs and brand them as “terrorists”.

Khaira said it was saddening to state, that brave Sikhs who valiantly fought for the independence of India by sacrificing their lives are now being targeted as traitors, through the so called black list.

Khaira said black list is an unwritten illegal step of the government as the agencies included the names of all those prominent Sikhs who participated in anti India demonstrations on above stated incidents, or any other violation of human rights back home here.

Khaira said besides this all those Sikhs who sought immigrant status in different countries on the pretext of asylum, have also been included in the said black list.

Khaira said hundreds of Sikhs had complained of their inclusion during his visit to USA and Canada in 2016, while he was there to mop up support for Aap.

Khaira said the timing of announcement of deletion of names and subsequent credit claims made by Sukhbir Badal or his cronies like Manjinder Sirsa etc. smack of political motives to woo the Sikhs, for the upcoming elections in four states including Haryana and Delhi.

Khaira demanded that the entire black list whatever the numbers may be should be scrapped and the blot on Sikh community removed for ever. India is well armed with a criminal justice system and any person whether Sikh or of any religion who has broken the law, can be tried for if he chooses to come back to India.

Khaira said in the meanwhile the names of all 312 persons be displayed online to facilitate them to travel back home without any fear.

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