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IPS trainee lands in trouble for keeping hands in trouser pockets

New Delhi, June 28, 2019-

A young IPS trainee has landed in trouble after he kept his hands inside his trouser pockets when a faculty member of the academy passed by in his car. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad has slapped the probationer with a show cause notice citing indiscipline.

The IPS trainee, who has completed 22 months of training, perhaps did not anticipate the consequences of his act when he casually put his hands inside his trouser pockets when the car of a faculty member of the academy passed by him.

Not impressed with the trainee’s act, the faculty member went ahead and lodged a complaint with senior officers who then issued a show cause notice to the young officer on Tuesday. They also sought a reply from the trainee within two days.

According to sources in the academy, the gesture was classified as an “act of indiscipline and misconduct”.

The show cause notice issued by the academy and signed by Nikhil J. Gupta, Deputy Director, Basic Course, read: “It has been observed that around 9.45 a.m. on Saturday you were standing in front of the SOS mess keeping both your hands in pant pockets. Though you were aware of the fact that a faculty car was passing by, you continued in the same posture (all the time looking at the car) without offering appropriate respect. This, prime facie, is an act of indiscipline and misconduct.

“Your reply should reach us within two days from the date of issue of this show cause notice. Failing which it will be presumed that you have no explanation to submit and action will be taken appropriately.”

A senior officer in the academy revealed that the IPS trainee has completed 22 months of training and was likely to be posted as Assistant Superintendent of Police in about two months’ time.

However, the officer defended the show notice by claiming that the trainee’s gesture fell in the category of indiscipline and that a memo was issued to make sure that others do not repeat the act.

“The academy issues memos to the trainees if they are found late to class, caught with mobile phones or found disrespecting other officers. This academy teaches probationers to respect their seniors and return the compliments. Whenever the trainees violate the basic disciplinary rules, they are issued a memo and an explanation is sought,” the officer said.

When inquired about the reply of the trainee in response to the show cause notice, the officer refused to reveal anything.

Many senior serving officers also supported the action of the academy, saying minimum discipline has to be maintained in uniformed services.  (Agency)





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