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Importance of World Book Day depicted through pictorial visuals at GNDU Regional Campus, Jalandhar

Jalandhar, 23 April, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

To mark significance of World Book Day, meaningful Pictorial Visual dedicated to World Book Day depicting theme 2024 “Read Your Way” was launched in GNDU Regional Campus Jalandhar by Associate Dean Dr. Roopam Jagota and Head of Department Law Dr. Varinder Singh, with aim to encourage faculty,

students and citizens of Jalandhar to discover the pleasure of reading books to gain knowledge and improve their wisdom on words and further imbibing values and morals which can be the result of becoming book readers.

During the World Book day event, a set of books on the Legal Comparative Study Subject were presented for the Library of the institution by Alumni of this institution Harpreet Sandhu.

Dr. Roopam Jagota Associate Dean GNDU Regional Campus Jalandhar appreciated the dedicated efforts by an Alumni of the Institution, Harpreet Sandhu, well acclaimed author for compiling a meaningful Pictorial Art work portraying the Importance of Books in Human life dedicated to World Book day and for his generous contribution towards presenting set of Volume on Legal Comparative Study subject authored by him for the Library.

The books will definitely be of immense interest for the faculty and students of Law department of the institution.

Dr. Roopam further said that today with the onset of digitalized world we must work towards inculcating habit of reading books especially within the younger generation as books bring us closer to life as they represent symbol of knowledge – books consists infinite benefits and enable our minds to think over subjects of interest, expands our vocabulary, writing skills, update us with language and knowledge.

Dr. Varinder Singh Head of Department Law GNDU Regional Campus stated that World book day serves as an opportunity to highlight the significance of reading books and much appreciated unique initiative of Harpreet Sandhu towards promoting the cause through his Pictorial work and Books on Legal Comparative Study

Speaking on this day author Harpreet Sandhu said that its need of hour to come up with an idea of a Community Library where one can exchange the books of common interest.

Furthermore we must encourage younger generation to discover the pleasure of reading which presently has lost its sheen due to the internet and digitalization, enabling them to gain knowledge on various subjects and improve their wisdom on words which can enable them to think over topics of interest and making informed decisions.





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