Harrdy Sandhu: No album complete without rehashed songs today

New Delhi, Nov 30, 2019-

Singer-actor Harrdy Sandhu feels no music album is complete without a couple of rehashed songs, and says recreating evergreen songs is a way of giving a tribute to the original maestros.

“Today, no music album is complete without a couple of rehashed songs, which might have the same tune and the catch lines. Some would say this ruins the original version and some agree that a little rejigging is okay,” Harrdy told when asked about the trend of recreating songs in Bollywood.

“I feel recreating amazing (some) renditions of evergreen songs from the 1960s – 1990s is a way to give the original maestros who created them a tribute from our side. Ultimately, it varies from person to person, depending on what he/she likes to listen. Musicians, nowadays, are equally good as the musicians from 1990s,” added the singer, who revamped his hit song “Naah” as “Naah goriye” for Ayushmann Khurrana‘s “Bala”.

Reflecting on the making of “Naah goriye”, Harrdy said: “The original version, ‘Naah’, is very special to me. The opportunity to recreate the song with the original team of B Praak as the arranger and Jaani as the lyricist/composer along with the addition of Swasti Mehul’s beautiful voice for the movie ‘Bala’ was thrilling; it added freshness to the song. I am humbled to see the love and response from the audience, on the remixed version, despite not being a part of the movie.”

He is out with another single “Dance like,” teaser of which was released on TikTok. The video of the song also features Lauren Gottlieb.

“My new song is called ‘Dance like’. It has got an infectious Latino-tinged hook that will have one on the dance floor with their partner in no time. It has an unusual yet very appealing flavour to it, mixing the best of Spanish flair and Punjabi swag. It is the perfect complement to the girl you’re in love with and whose moves make you weak in your knees. It will have you ‘oooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ in no time at all, regardless of who you are,” he said.

“Looking at the love and appreciation that I got from my fans on TikTok for ‘Naah goriye’, the platform seemed the perfect fit to give my fans a firsthand teaser of ‘Dance like’. It has enabled new talent to come forward and as an artist, which is an incredible feeling. I am now looking forward to seeing the reaction of the audience to my new number,” added the “Backbone” and “Soch” hitmaker.

Apart from the singing world, how do you want to take forward your acting career?

“I never planned to act in movies but now that it is happening and people are accepting me with so much love, it feels great,” said the “Yaaran Da Katchup” actor, who asserted that he is focusing on his music at present.  (Agency)