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Dhoni missed calling for DRS, but it isn’t his job alone

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Birmingham, July 1, 2019-

Indian cricket fans decided to question former India skipper and wicket-keeper M.S. Dhoni for failing to call it right and ask for a decision review after Jason Roy seemed to glove one down the leg side off Hardik Pandya at Edgbaston on Sunday. But what they fail to realise is that Dhoni is no superman and it is only human to err when it comes to such intricate situations.

Speaking at the end of the game, India’s limited-overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma did try and explain that calling right in a matter of seconds isn’t something that can be done with 100 per cent accuracy.

“It’s a very tricky thing. You’re not sure about — are you talking about today’s, Jason Roy’s? Yeah, some of the guys heard. Some of the guys didn’t. The captain is under pressure. You know, it’s not right to expect of him (Dhoni) to make those decisions always right because there are a lot of thoughts that comes around with certain players who are fielding inside the circle, some of the guys feel that he nicked it. Some of the guys didn’t.

“I mean, it’s — if you’re lucky, you might get that decision going your way. Otherwise, we saw what happened because you’re never sure about if it’s perfect or not because sometimes, even when the unbelievable decisions happen, the bowler gets very excited and says, I want to take the DRS, but then he doesn’t consider the fact that pitching in line, impact and things like that.

“So the captain is always under pressure because of that, because he has got to make that decision, and he’s not in the position to see whether it pitched in line or not. It’s pretty — if you’re lucky, you take it. Otherwise, I don’t — like not too much — we as a team don’t want to look too much into it,” he explained.

The fielding side gets just 15 seconds to decide if they wish to take a DRS and yes, it might have been rechristened the Dhoni Review System by fans, but one must also realise that even Dhoni is allowed to make mistakes. The sudden reaction from fans questioning another miss from the former skipper (after one against Pakistan) is clearly uncalled for.  (Agency)

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