Coronavirus Storm: Unpolished behavior of Indians – by Dr. Arshed Iqbal Dar

Novel corona virus is a global public health pandemic and the countries around the world are battling against this dreadful storm with the parameters like advisories, quarantines, social distancing, and some advanced countries are following the mantra of triple T i-e Testing Testing and Testing.

India is the unfortunate country who is riddling with socio-economic and development challanges, having inadequate doctor-patient ratio with insufficient infrastructure, fighting with week corps of scientists having ill-equipped laboratories, limited ICT and above all unpolished behaviour of mal-educated society- who is beating this viral catastrophe with the mantra of “Taali or Thaali bajao” for the warriors who are fighting without protective gears to disarm this invisible virus.

In this unfortunate country, asymptomic carriers are not only hiding their travel history but are multiplying the chain by one way or another. Not only this, few illogical religious preachers are inviting social gatherings and vomiting “Corona Musalmanu ko kuch nahe karega” Corona is’t going to harm Muslim community, however, educated Muslim scholars have advised to maintain social distancing and offer obligatory prayers during pandemic at home.

Ignorance reaches its apogee when unpolished poppycock translation of animal excreta into anti-covid plaster cast is filed for patent in Indian Hindu Mahasabha, however, scientists clearly justified the chronic health risks associated with exposure to animal excreta.

Unscientific translation of poppycock ideas for the creation of unwarranted products in the age of Science and Technology is one of the reasons that India is nowhere to be seen on the International Science and Technology radar. Now, one thing is justified that ignorance is the trigger of this viral storm.

You know, the pivotal developmental parameter of any nation is the advancement in Science and Technology but unfotunately this parameter is the “touch me not parameter” of our nation. Very often the problem is that we go on attributing our diseased states to invalid causes.

Despite sea research we don’t have a perfect knowledge base, our reason fails us, because our quest is not dedicated and reason is illogical. In this context, we have to focus on cultivating the habit of independent and critical thinking among individuals.

Such a focus on analytical thinking and problem solving is extremely important in a country like India which is riddled with socio-economic and development challanges.

The rule of unconsious nature in the world of delusion is this- Whoever is more dishonorable and fiercer is greater in the fancy and supposition of others. But if we want to understand the true nature of the cosmos, it is sufficient to have functioning senses, a rational mind and the desire to understand.

Introspection will led anyone to see levels of perception and awareness within self and these levels of awareness reflect the structure of the outside world.

In this regard, we must consider the importance of science cum religious literacy in the wider society. If people don’t understand the basic science of germs, they will be less likely to wash their hands. If the community doesn’t understand the basics of religion, they will continue to propagate the chain of catastrophe.

In the context of COVID-19, advisories were issued by the top leaders in public health to maintain social distancing and follow quarantine guidelines, but who cares? Maternal parents are eagerly waiting for their children to celebrate the COVID-19 vacation, friends are planning for grand get together parties, most of the people have addiction to visit public health centres and local markets unnecessarily on daily basis. Under such circumstances, our unconscious behaviour is the welcome step to invite this invisible catastrophe.

You know, day and night we are in quest of peace and in one perspective, peace is a state, where Suffer-Sufferer-Suffering- Village-Globe and rest of the Universe become one. Each individual factor plays a pivotal role in its fruitful expression and remodeling of any single factor will result in destruction.

In the context of covid-19, these factors are somehow in disarray and dire need is to play your respective role for the benefit of society at large. The oriental metaphysics believes that reality is always more profound than what appears on the surface and the essential fact which we should acknowledge in our conscience, and which we should have acknowledged a long time ago, is that we are becoming inhuman to the extent that we become superman.

We all know that there is no free lunch, introduced viral carriers with VIP tokens, who managed to flee from the screening procedures carry a heavy price tag in the form of viral bombs and unfortunately these viral bombs multiplied cum intensified before their defusal by viral bomb disposal squad.

The special squad is on search operation with thermometer guns (thermal scanners) but invisible viral transmission has formed a long chain. Most of the suspected cases are under observation but some unfortunate unconscious viral carriers are still violating the restriction orders and kicking the bump of advisories and are preceeding the mantra of making the chain. Fact is that my home is dying invisibly in ones and twos.

Last but not the least, prevention is the first step, but when the damage has been done, it can still be reversed if we all work together.

Dr. Arshed Iqbal Dar
Assistant Professor, Govt. Degree College
Sumbal Sonawari (Jammu and Kashmir)

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