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‘Birds of a feather flock together’ – CM Quips on Opposition Congregation in Jalandhar

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Chandigarh, June 4, 2023 (Yes Punjab News)
Slamming the leaders of opposition parties, with proven anti-Punjab stance, for meeting together at Jalandhar, the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Sunday quipped that it is not surprising as the ‘Birds of feather flock together’.

In a statement, the Chief Minister said that anyone who knows about the past of these political parties knows well that their hands are drenched with the blood of Punjab and Punjabis. He said that these parties with an established track record of anti-Punjab and anti-Punjabi stance have always meted out huge losses to the state by jeopardizing its progress and prosperity.

Bhagwant Mann said that whenever these parties were in power they had safeguarded the interests of each other, but ever since the Aam Aaadmi government has assumed the charge of office in state their nefarious designs to loot the state in alternative terms have foiled.

The Chief Minister said that baffled over it these leaders have now sunk all their ideological differences to vehemently oppose the state government. He said that though the wardrobes of these leaders were different from each other, but the hands of all these political parties have blood of innocent Punjabis in one form or another.

Bhagwant Mann said that while some of them trace roots from those who had served meals to General Dyer after the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, others are those who had rolled tanks in the most sacred religious places of Punjabis thereby bruising their psyche.

The Chief Minister said that in the meeting those leaders were also present who had formulated the draconian anti-farmers law opposing which hundreds of innocent farmers from the state had attained martyrdom.

He bemoaned that ironically these leaders shared a platform with those who are facing charges of embezzlement in the money meant for memorials constructed in the name of martyrs. Bhagwant Mann reminded the Punjabis that these leaders had never come together for protecting the waters of the state nor even for punishing the perpetrators of the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Likewise, the Chief Minister said that history is testimony to the fact that these leaders have never joined hands for the issues pertaining to the state but now they have come together just to save their skin.

He said that these leaders have no concern for progress, prosperity and peace of the state but their single point agenda is to safeguard their own interests. “But I assure every Punjabi that these leaders will be made accountable for their sins and they will have to return every penny plundered from the state exchequer”, added Bhagwant Mann.

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