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Aujla arrived to congratulate the Muslim brotherhood on Jumma Namaz

Amritsar, 19 April, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

Congress Lok Sabha candidate Gurjit Singh Aujla arrived today to congratulate the Muslim brotherhood on Friday prayers. He said that he started his election campaign by paying obeisance at the Guru’s house and today in the same sequence he reached the mosque with the Muslim brotherhood.

Congratulating to Muslims Gurjit Singh Aujla, said that people can develop the country only by uniting all the brothers. The establishment which was established by Sai Mian Mir Ji and the gates which have been built also give the same message that all four pillars are important and each has its own importance.

He said that everyone should serve humanity together. People’s support is his strength. He said that he works for the public and also guards them. The support of people gives them strength to fight the battle.

Condemning the BJP’s attack on farmers, Gurjit Singh Aujla said that the Constitution has given the right to every person to raise his voice for his rights. It is very wrong to attack this right. He said that protesting is the culture and etiquette of the Punjab.

Taking everyone along is a tradition but the forces behind them are today putting the Constitution in danger. He said that the intoxication of power is causing stones to be thrown at farmers today.

He appealed to everyone to stay together in the villages and not let these forces dominate. He said that it has been written in their manifestos of India Alliance that MSP and Swaminatha will be implemented from day one.

Gurjit Singh Aujla also attacked Captain Amarinder Singh and said that he did not fulfill the promises made to the people that’s why both the party and the people have sidelined him.

Gurjit Singh Aujla took a dig at the Aam Aadmi Party and said that they have not been able to provide even basic facilities to the people. It has been two years but the city has neither a mayor nor a councilor due to which the cleanliness, clean water and law and order situation in the city is bad.

He said that politics is to serve the people and not to satisfy one’s ego, hence do meaningful politics and do not lie in the court of public. He said that politicians should work when there is time for work, but when time runs out, there is no use in resorting to expensive advertisements.

On this occasion, Maulana Hameed Hussain honored Gurjit Singh Aujla. Gurjit Singh Aujla along with Jugal Kishore Sharma, Abbas Raja, Abdul Nour and others were present.





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