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Amitabh Bachchan reveals biggest torture he faced during a shoot

Mumbai, Dec 19, 2020-
Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan on Saturday revealed the biggest torture he has faced while shooting.

For the veteran actor, who abstains from eating sweets, the biggest torture was to pose with a rasgulla and gulab jamun in hand for a commercial and pretend as if he is delighted after eating them!

Big B took to his verified Twitter account to express his plight. He wrote in Hindi: “I have quit eating sweets and after that I have to pose with a rasgulla and gulab jamun in my hand during the shoot, and was asked to give an expression which reveals how tasty it feels after eating them! There can’t be a bigger torture than this.”

The veteran actor also shared a couple of photographs from the shoot where he can be seen happily posing with a rasgulla and gulab jamun while smiling at the camera!

Fans expressed their views in the comments section of his tweet.

“Yes Sir I fully agree it is very hard to resist the temptation of having these delicacies,” commented a fan.

“Really torture to hold a rasgulla & not have it. Now in Kolkata we get different varieties of Rosogulla, in winter we get these varieties with the advent of khejur Gur. Now a days there are even fusion Rosogullas eg chocolate. But the older, the conventional ones the best,” shared a fan from Kolkata.

“Awwww….you are Bengali jamaibabu for us all Amitji …you have to eat Rasgulla once in a while …Bengali trademark sweet. Loveee your tweet Sirjeee,” expressed another fan. (Agency)

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