2:44 am : 3.Sep.2014

Sikh Issues

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Dal Khalsa demands judicial probe into killing of a Sikh youth


Amritsar, March 29 (YP Bureau)


Dal Khalsa has demanded judicial probe into the incident of killing of a Sikh youth killed due to unprovoked firing by the Police on Thursday at Gurdaspur. It has also demanded immediate suspension of the Police officer heading the police party. 


Coming down heavily on the Akali led Punjab government for not disciplining the police force, the Dal Khalsa condemned the killing of
youth hit by police bullets in Gurdaspur town.

 Expressing grief over the loss of life of one person and another seriously injured, H S Dhami and Kanwarpal Singh, head and spokesperson of Sikh group, claimed in a statement that "after lobbying teargas on Sikh protesters, police opened fire on them, who were gathered outside local gurdwara".

“We had talked with many people in Gurdaspur who told us that the police behavior was completely ruthless”, they alleged.

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