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Will you stay back if you lose Gurdaspur, Sunil Jakhar asks Sunny Deol

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Gurdaspur, May 9, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar, who is seeking reelection from the Gurdaspur parliamentary constituency today asked his BJP opponent whether he will stay back in the constituency in case he lost from here.

“Elections are either won or lost, so what if and when you lose from here?” he asked Deol, while referring to his (Deol’s) commitment to people that “if” he wins he will chalk out a programme for the development of the area.

Nobody can take people’s will for granted and everybody has to wait for the elections and the counting, the PCC president pointed out, while adding, a candidate cannot chalk out his programme in terms of victory alone.

The Congress candidate said that his BJP opponent was always telling people about his “post-victory” plans. “As the ground situation suggests, you are in no position to win from here, so will you tell and commit to the people that you will stay back here even if you don’t get the mandate to represent them in the parliament?” Jakhar questioned Deol.

The PCC president also took a jibe a Deol’s frequent absence and skipping of campaign programmes. “I have never seen a candidate outsourcing his own campaign to others, the way Deol does as he frequently skips his campaign meetings”, he said.

Jakhar claimed that the BJP was deliberately trying to restrict Deol’s exposure to the public lest he end up repeating his frequent faux pas and betray his ignorance. He pointed out, how Deol’s ignorance about an important event like Balakote strike was shocking.

“There may hardly be anyone in the country who does not know about Balakote, and here we have someone aiming to be a parliamentarian who does not know anything about it and that too when his own party has made so much hue and cry about it”, he pointed out.

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