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Who is responsible for JNU violence?

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New Delhi, Jan 6, 2020-

Who vandalised the JNU campus on Sunday? Were they insiders or outsiders? Delhi Police’s Crime Branch are trying to solve this riddle.

The big question is, hours before the riots and violence, all the gypsies of Delhi Police control room around JNU were seen by people living here. Then why did the Delhi Police vans within JNU fail to control the situation by reaching the campus in time?

Rena Rai, who lives close to JNU campus told on Monday “I was returning home from tution. During the time, huge amount of police were deployed around the university walls and some gates. I felt that something wrong has happened. But if something happened, police must have taken action.”

We spoke to many other local residents. Most said that the police gypsies were circling JNU only after noon. In such a situation, how did the masked people entered the campus?

Did the Delhi Police get the intelligence regarding JNU violence on Sunday morning or in the afternoon? If yes, then why did the police not meet the JNU administration before the situation worsened in the campus.

Another question is whether the policemen present and other police officials on Sunday leave were waiting for the permission of the JNU administration?

An officer of the rank of Special Commissioner in Delhi Police told, “Police is alert from past one month around the JNU campus but yes, it is equally important that the police cannot enter any central university without their permission. The same thing happened on Sunday evening, the police gypsies must have been standing around JNU on Sunday like everyday.”

“By the time the university administration called the police, the students were furious. When police tried to convince the angry students, they got into arguments with them. On the other hand, calls were being made to Delhi Police Control Police from JNU campus continuously. Tell me what would the police do in such a situation? So the police cannot be blamed anywhere in the incident,” added the officer.

If police were already present there, then how did the masked armed men come to the campus to assault students with lathis and weapons? When asked, the same officer said, “It is still unknown whether masked people were insiders or outsiders. Only after investigation something concrete will come out.”

This statement of a top police officer puts the university under the scanner. Has there been any error with the university administration in reacting to Sunday’s horrific incident? The university said “Calling the police inside the campus without reason could provoke the students. Police was called when it was felt that the situation was worsening.”  (Agency)

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