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UAE-based Indian expat’s savings blocked after wife’s death

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Dubai, July 11, 2019 –

A Dubai-based Indian expat’s savings worth 1 million dirhams ($272,242) had been blocked following his wife death as the couple had joint accounts with various banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the media reported on Thursday.

Following Narendra Gajria’s wife Heena’s death, Dubai Courts, as part of the procedure to issue a succession certificate to the legal heirs, has temporarily blocked their accounts, Gulf News reported.

Due to the blockade, Gajria could not withdraw money from the ATM, make online transactions or use his card to make purchases.

Making things worse, he did not have a separate bank account in his name through which he could conduct transactions.

“I had close to a million dirhams in different bank accounts and they were all blocked. As soon as I realised this, I rushed to one of the banks I was dealing with and opened a new account in my name. I put whatever little money I had in my wallet into that account.

“I headed straight to my office after that and provided my new bank details so that my salary could be transferred. Luckily for me, the next day was pay day, so I had money coming into my account. Until then I was stuck without any money,” Gajiria told the Gulf News

He added that it took five months for his monies to be transferred back to him.

“When Dubai Courts finally transferred my money five months later, it was distributed to my children and me on the basis of the Sharia Law principle.”

Gajria said he never imagined having a joint account with his wife in the UAE would cause so much inconvenience.

“Back home in India, it is common for couples to have joint bank accounts… I assumed this would be the scenario here in the UAE as well.”  (Agency)

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