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TV actor Hemant Chaddha loves social media: ‘a huge part of our lives’

Mumbai, March 18, 2022- Actor Hemant Chaddha who was seen in shows such as ‘Dwarkadheesh’, ‘Ambar Dhara’ and Anamika is quite active online. He enjoys social media and admits the same as well.

“I am fond of social media as it has become a huge part of our day-to-day life now. I am comfortable about posting stuff about me that is related to my work. I don’t share much about my personal life. And, I do take short breaks from social media now and then as a deliberate act to keep my mental health in check. I use that time for other activities that are good for both the brain and body, and recharge myself,” he says.

As a celebrity on social media, when asked if he gets anxious thinking about the response, likes, comments, shares in his posts and followers he has gained, Hemant answers in negative.

“I really don’t think about all these things. People care too much about followers and likes because they think it makes them look better and popular. But, at the end of the day, they don’t mean anything. They don’t say who you are as a person and don’t sum up your life. There are more important things that matter. Social media detox is necessary for everyone as it helps you stay grounded and close to reality. Everything you see on social media is not true,” he adds.

The pressure of social media is much on some people, who also get obsessed with different platforms. Having seen both sides of time when social media was non-existent and now when it’s so much a part of our lives, the actor looks at it differently.

“There’s no denying that social media is huge now and there can be a lot of positives and upsides to it. It’s good to be connected, especially with those we don’t get to meet on a regular basis. But we also know that social media can be a slippery slope for depression, loneliness, anxiety and low self-esteem. So one should know where to draw the line,” suggests the actor, who spends a few hours daily on social media browsing, mostly in the morning and evening. He shares never going overboard with it.

Many people also make personal and professional announcements on social media these days. And this is something that Hemant feels differs from person to person.

“It’s more about one’s comfort level. Honestly, for me, social media is more like my professional portfolio. I don’t like to make personal announcements involving my family. I agree that it’s very tough to stay real on social media and it’s easier to get carried away. A lot of stuff is glorified and not real but people should also understand that it takes hours and a lot of effort to curate and create good, meaningful and beautiful content,” he says.  (Agency)

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