Punjab farmers should have right to Price Determination, International Trade: 35 Sikh & Punjabi personalities

Chandigarh, October 1, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)
Around 35 Sikh & Punjabi inviduals from different walks of life have come together and issued a joint statement with regards to New Farm Bills passed by Union Government and ongoing struggle for the same.

Every sector, whether it is trade, technology, services, art etc., has the freedom to determine the price of its produce. The price of the tools, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides etc. used in farming is determined by the companies producing and selling them and not by the farmers who are the buyers of these products.

But when it comes to Agriculture then it is the buyer, the Indian State (Delhi Takht), which decides the price of the farmers’ agricultural produce. When all other sectors give the freedom of price determination to the seller the farmers too should have the same freedom to sell his produce.

The Indian region greatly varies in climate, soil, water and capability; Consequently, the cost of production differs too. Hence there cannot be one uniform price for the agricultural produce in the region. Regional forums of farmers, agricultural experts and government representatives should decide the price of each crop for their respective regions.

Similarly, Panjab should have all the rights in marketing and trade of its agricultural produce internationally. Agro-trade with Pakistan, Arab countries and the Middle East might prove more beneficial for Punjab.

Panjab’s natural resources and its river waters have been forcibly controlled and unnaturally distributed by the Indian State (Delhi Takht). Getting control over its natural resources and river waters is the most fundamental and significant matter for Panjab.Punjab should get the rights over its own resources.

The issue of Panjab’s agriculture is not entirely an economic issue but is primarily a political one. A political struggle is needed for the Right to Price determination and the right to International trade, which could ensure a political system where the native communities are free to decide on their own matters, political and economic.

So, the ongoing struggle must be fought for the right to self-determination of the people instead of just limiting it to certain facilities & subsidies.

* Ajaypal Singh Brar (Author, Speaker & Businessman)
* Anoop Singh Ghanian
* Bikramjit Singh (Software Engineer)
* Devinder Singh Sekhon
* Gangveer Rathod (Activist)
* Gurjant Singh
* Gurnam Singh Moonkan
* Gurpal Singh (Farmer)
* Gurpreet Singh Khudda
* Harbaksh Singh (IT Professional)
* Harjinder Singh(Farmer)
* Harmandeep Singh (Electrical Engineer)
* Harpreet Singh (Software Quality Engineer)
* Inderpreet Singh, Sangrur
* Jagmohan Singh (Editor, English News Portal)
* Juhjar Singh
* Karanjeet Singh Kathgarh
* Malkeet Singh Bhawanigarh (Panth Sewak)
* Mandhir Singh (Panth Sewak)
* Pardeep Singh (Author & Film Director)
* Parmjeet Singh (Editor, Online News Portal)
* Parmjeet Singh Mand (Panth Sewak)
* Rajpal Singh Sandhu (Panth Sewak)
* Ramneek Singh
* Ranveer Singh (Activist)
* Ravinder Singh Dharmgarh (Activist)
* Sarbjeet Singh Ghuman (Panth Sewak)
* Sukhdeep Singh (Panth Sewak)
* Sukhjeet Singh
* Sukhminder Singh
* Sukhwinder Singh
* Sukhwinder Singh (Farmer)
* Suman Kumar (Software Engineer)

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