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Indian diplomat Vimarsh Aryan tears into Pakistan’s propaganda on Kashmir

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New Delhi, July 6, 2019-

An Indian diplomat from Jammu and Kashmir took on Pakistan strongly at the UN Human Rights Council on the issue of Kashmir, and said that Islamabad’s portrayal of self determination is “actually state-sponsored cross border terrorism”.

Vimarsh Aryan, First Secretary at India’s UN Mission, exercising India’s Right of Reply, slammed Pakistan’s “mendacious propaganda” and also said that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Aryan, who hails from Kishtwar, said the principles of self determination as espoused by Pakistan “pose severe danger” to countries in the world where multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies coexist.

“What is portrayed by Pakistan as self determination is actually state-sponsored cross border terrorism and the support actually means extending military, financial and logistical support to terrorism against India,” he added.

Aryan said the biggest problem in Jammu and Kashmir comes from the “active promotion of cross border terrorism” by Pakistan and the right to life of the people of Kashmir is “constantly violated” by Pakistan “through the use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy”.

He slammed Pakistan for its “selective amnesia” in choosing to “conveniently recall only parts of the UN resolutions on Kashmir” and not meeting its primary obligation to first vacate the illegal occupation of Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

“Pakistan should fulfil its commitments under the 1972 Simla agreement and Lahore declaration of 1999,” he said.

“The entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have nurtured a vibrant democracy ensuring a life of dignity for all,” he added.

Taking on Pakistan over its “false and fanciful narratives on human rights”, he said during the 1971 war Pakistan had unleashed the most barbaric and dreadful atrocities that mankind could never imagine against millions of innocent civilians.

“Is it not an irony that a country with such distinction is making attempts to preach to the world on human rights?”, Aryan said, and asked Pakistan not to waste the time of this Council by “indulging in futile political propaganda” and instead “focus on its own dismal human rights record and work constructively for a safe, stable, secure and developed South Asian region which is free from terror and violence”.  (Agency)

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