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Fake Taksalis have started on mission of Safar-e-Congress: SAD

Chandigarh, January 19, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today said the fake Taksalis had proved that they had started on their mission of Safar -e- Congress by joining hands with the Congress party and their radical sympathizers in a desperate attempt to weaken the sword arm of the panth – the SAD and Sikh religious institutions.

In a statement here, MPs Balwinder Singh Bhundur and Naresh Gujral and senior leaders Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra, Jathedar Tota Singh and Maheshinder Singh Grewal said a bunch of opportunists who were dancing to the tune of the Congress party by betraying Akali values could not challenge the leadership of party president S Sukhbir Singh Badal who had been democratically elected by 47 lakh strong members of the Akali Dal.

Stating that no ‘safar’ for the rights of people could be started by traitors of the panth from a quarter full 400 seat auditorium in the national capital, the senior leaders said it was disgusting that the so called Taksalis had insulted the core Akali ideology by sharing the stage with Congress stooges.

“The cat is out of the bag. Now it is clear that all these fake Taksalis have become unofficial members of the Congress party. They might as well have cemented this relation completely by inviting former Congress President Rahul Gandhi or his mother Sonia Gandhi to their show”.

Prof Chandumajra and Jathedar Tota Singh asked all the Taksalis to first clear the air about their own conduct before pointing questions at the SAD President. The leaders said Sukhdev Dhindsa’s own track record was such that he did not even contemplate resigning as Secretary General when he lost the assembly election during an Akali wave in 1997.

They said in direct contrast the SAD had performed splendidly in the past by winning back to back elections and forming a government for 15 out of the last twenty years. “ S Sukhbir Singh Badal has made an immense contribution in these victories and has even been credited by party workers and the entire senior leadership for bringing the party back to power in 2012.

The SAD President however is not suiting the fake Taksalis now due to inner- party democracy which had started questioning the right of perpetual losers to be re-nominated from their constituencies as well as be bestowed with prominent positions”.

Stating that the Congress party was behind the so called Taksalis, Mr Balwinder Bhundur, Mr Naresh Gujral and Mr Maheshinder Grewal said whenever the Congress faced problems in Punjab and stared at a wipe out like it was doing now it tried to form a front of disgruntled leaders like the “Taksalis” to weaken the SAD.

Stating that this despicable betrayal of the panth and panthic principles would never succeed, the leaders said now the people would take the “Taksalis” to task for pitching their boat with the Congress and their radical sympathizers.

Giving further details, Mr Maheshinder Grewal said the main front man of yesterday’s event was Paramjit Sarna whose close links to the Congress and its President Sonia Gandhi were known to all. “He is the Religious Advisor of chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh”. Mr Grewal said discarded leader Ravi Inder Singh, who was a chum of Capt Amarinder, had been unsuccessfully used earlier also to sow discord in the SAD.

He said Birdevinder Singh, who had recently tested his popularity on the “Taksali” ticket from Anandpur Sahib and secured seven thousand votes, was better known for showcasing the bodies of the martyrs in Sri Harmandar Sahib to Indira Gandhi post Operation Bluestar.

Reiterating that the panth would reject this anti-Punjab move to push it back into a state of turmoil as per the conspiracy hatched by the Congress party, the senior Akali leadership said the fraudulent Congress B team would not be allowed to succeed in its nefarious designs by the people of Punjab.





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