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BJP leader Yatnal compares Yediyurappa’s son to snake and scorpions

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Vijayapura (Karnataka), Feb 16, 2021-
Further sharpening his attack on Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa’s son, B. Y. Vijayendra, BJP senior legislator Basanagouda Patil Yatnal on Monday termed that Yediyurppa’s family members are no less tha snakes and scorpions.

Yatnal told reporters that Yediyurappa is surrounded by 35 family members who are using him to run rackets and fleecing the state. “Yeiyurappa’s home – Cauvery – has become den of all corrupt activities of his family members. This corruption racket is led by his son, Vijayendra,” he charged

Yatnal said this in response to Vijayendra’s jibe, wo had saed on Sunday that his father (Yediyurappa) was surrounded by snakes and scorpions (critics of Yediyurappa).

“I agree with this statement, Vijayendra has spoken truth for the first time. Yes, Yediyurappa is surrounded by snakes and scorpions, But these snakes and scorpions are none other than his family members. There are 35 family members residing in Cauvery, official residence of Yediyurappa. All 35 family members are running ‘transfer racket’ from this house itself,” he said.

He added that when party works hear such stories, their blood boils as these workers who have worked hard are getting raw deals due to him.

Yatnal further accused that those who ‘looked after Vijayendra well in the night’ are getting appointments as chairmen to state run boards and corporation.

He claimed his fight is against dynastic politics and corruption. “Vijayendra making party workers stand in front of his ‘Yesmen’ is nothing but insult on our party’s core philosophy.

“Just because these ‘Yesmen’ look after him at night does not mean that party should pay price for his greed,” he said.

He questioned further that by appointing Vijayendra as BJP vice-president of the party and another son being made as MP of Shivamogga and their father being made Chief Minister, how can the party justify the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has launched war against dynastic politics across the country?

He added that he was simply following his leader, Modi’s dictum ‘Na Khaunga Na Khane Doonga’. “I have nothing against Yediyurappa personally. I was in the forefront to bring him back into the party fold and ensure the party gives him the CM’s post too. He deserves to be a CM, but having said this, I cannot tolerate, our party’s sincere workers standing in front of Vijayendra with folded hands for minor works get done,” he said,

He alleged that Vijayendra has a large team and a centre where fake CDs are made to tarnish respect of people who are his critics.

“Where was Vijayendra, when loyal party workers were paying money to fill Yediyurappa’s car? It is we who filled Yediyurappa’s car and made him what he is today. We have great respect for Yediyurppa but that respect can not be transferred to Vijayendra, who came to the scene only after his father became CM,” he said.

He further said that Yediyurappa family is trying to misuse Veerashaiva-lIngayat community like its slave. “Vijayendra is trying to break unity of our community by instigating one Seer after another. This will surely harm our party in long run, whereas he might gain short time benefit, but for his short time benefit, our party may pay heavy price,” he said.

Charging entire family was indulging in corruption, he sought to know why the entire family of Yediyurapp often goes to Mauritius with a special flight?

Yatnal also reminded the CM about his promise that was made Aduring Kalaburagi election to include Lingayat sub sects Adi Banajiga and Panchamsali sects in 2A category. “What we are asking is to fulfil his promises made to us,” he said. (Agency)

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