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Bigg Boss: Housemates who were shown the door over behavioural issues

Mumbai, Dec 18, 2020-
The controversial reality show Bigg Boss may thrive on explicit language, nasty spats and below-the-belt antics but the makers have traditionally maintained the one thing that will not be tolerated in the house is physical altercation.

However, in almost every season there has been a housemate who has lost control after provocation and ended up resorting to violence that, in turn, cost him or her a place in the show. They were promptly shown the door.

We looks back at some of such housemates over the seasons, who were thrown out of the show.

Vikas Gupta
Vikas was tagged as one of the best players on Bigg Boss 12. However, he was shown the door after he had a fight with fellow contestant Arshi Khan. Since the day they entered, Vikas and Arshi had been at loggerheads.

Slowly, things between the two became worse. Arshi was heard telling Vikas that a human being who can’t respect his own mother would never be at peace. Vikas, who is tagged as the “mastermind” said that Arshi had crossed the line and, after they got into a big fight, he pushed her in the swimming pool. Following this, Vikas was asked to leave the house.

Madhurima Tuli
Madhurima TuliShe and her former beau Vishal Aditya Singh were part of season 13. Madhurima made headlines after she hit Vishal. Their relationship was evidently toxic. Vishal threw water on Madhurima and she then got up and started hitting him with the frying pan, which left him hurt. Madhurima was subsequently asked to leave the house.

Zubair Khan
Zubair KhanZubair stepped in as the so-called “dada” of season 11. However he was asked to leave in just a few days since his entry because of his rude and disrespectful nature towards women. Show host Salman Khan seemed annoyed by his behaviour and asked him to leave.

Priyank Sharma
Priyank SharmaSeason 11 housemate Priyank was a strong contestant. However, he was asked to leave the show after he raised his hand during a fight with fellow contestant Akash Dadlani. Priyank was later brought back into the show.

Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga
swami omSwami Om was one of the most disgusting contestants in Bigg Boss history. He appeared on season 10. The makers sent him home after the self-proclaimed godman did the grotesque act of throwing urine on housemate Bani J. Priyanka Jagga MuiseWhile on Priyanka, it was her filthy language that went against her. So much so, host Salman became angry at her and told the channel that if she stayed, he would leave the show.

Kushal Tandon
Kushal TandonHe was a contestant on the seventh season. He made headlines courtesy his romance with Gauahar Khan in the show. Things changed for Kushal after VJ Andy made a distasteful remark against Gauahar. He held Andy by the neck and things took an ugly turn. For this reaction by Kushal, he was asked to leave the house. He made a comeback after Gauahar threatened to leave the Bigg Boss house.

Pooja Missra
Pooja MisshraPooja was one of the most controversial persons in the fifth season of the show. No, it was not the “Get off my back” fight with Shonali Nagrani that prompted her eviction in the middle of the night, but an altercation with Siddharth Bharadwaj. In anger, she had pushed Siddharth, after which the makers had to throw her out of the house.

Dolly Bindra and Samir Soni
Dolly BindraKnown for her volatile behaviour and abusive language, Dolly Bindra was ousted from the Bigg Boss 4 house after she made Shweta Tiwari cry using profanity. Samir SoniSamir intervened and soon the two got into a massive fight. They were then asked to leave because of their violent behaviour.

Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK)
Kamaal Rashid Khan KRKHe was seen in the third season. Kamaal was kicked out of the show after he threw a bottle at fellow housemate Rohit Verma in a fit of rage, which hit Shamita Shetty instead. The makers took no extra time to ask him to leave the show. (Agency)

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