B Praak to recreate ‘Achha sila diya tune mere pyar ka’

Mumbai, May 12, 2020-

Punjabi singer B Praak is all set to come up with a recreated version of the popular song “Achha sila diya tune mere pyar ka”.

Confirming the news in an interview, B Praak shared that the new version is completely different from the original song, as he has only retained the hook line, “Achha sila diya tune mere pyar ka”.

“We are working on the recreated version of ‘Achha sila…’ song. Trust me, it’s a completely a different song. Only one hook line has been retained. The upcoming track has new elements in it,” he said.

B Praak, who has been basking in the success of a string of hits over the past year including “Mitti” and “Filhall”, also emphasised on creating original songs.

“I am not against the trend of recreations, but everything should be balanced. Overdose of anything is wrong. There is a way to recreate a particular song — instead of copying everything, one should try to incorporate new and original elements into it. But original is original. Nothing can beat the love for original songs. My ‘Filhall’ came at a time when recreations were at the peak. It gave the audience a break from the recreations,” B Praak recalled.  (Agency)

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