With appointments of superfluous Advisors, Capt Amarinder has committed treason against law: Bir Devinder Singh

Chandigarh, September 11, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Commenting on the appointment of six Advisors to the Chief Minister of Punjab with Cabinet Minister’s rank, Bir Devinder Singh, the former Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha said that with these appointments, Capt Amarinder Singh has dodged the constitution and definitely committed treason against the law.

Terming the appointments a flagrant violation of political decorum and morality, Bir Devinder Singh said, in the absence of any defined nomenclature of the advisor’s post, the appointments of half a dozen legislators in one go, sounds nothing but a sublime stupidity.

“The superfluous positions of advisors offered to legislators would be legally untenable and would not stand judicial scrutiny,” he observed.

The former Deputy Speaker said it reflects very poorly that despite having the council of Ministers, Chief Minister was still looking for advisories, beyond his council of Ministers.

“It also exposes the pathetic emptiness of the mental caliber of the Chief Minister as a competent ‘Captain’ of the team. The Chief Minister’s office is already top heavy and unwieldy to the level of an indescribable gaucherie. If the CM really feels that the advice of these superimposed six legislators is an overwhelmingly indispensable than the better option is to drop six of ministers and induct the newly appointed advisers as Ministers,” he opined.

Bir Devinder Singh said, disdainfully, whenever such political appointments were made; it’s said quite often that the terms and conditions of their service would be determined later in due course of time. “As a matter of fact this is the most abused expression used by the Governments in relation to such political appointments, marred with obscurity,” he said.

The appointment letters, which does not codify the duties and accountability, is quite an unpleasing facade and a contemptuous breach of the public trust. This cleverly maneuvered Machiavellian designs to circumvent the constitutionally described rules and procedures of ideal governance, to all intents and purposes, tantamount committing treason against the law.

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