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Why failed to act against Sam Pitroda, Sirsa asks Congress

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New Delhi, May 10, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The Shiromani Akali Dal National Spokesman and the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) President Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa today strongly condemned the clarification issued by Congress party on statement of Sam Pitroda and said that the Congress party has failed to act against Pitroda and also failed to condemn his statement.

Reacting strongly to the clarification issued by the Congress party on statement of its leader Sam Pitroda, Mr. Sirsa said that it is most shameful that even after passing of 24 hours on statement by Mr. Pitroda, no Congress leader came forward to condemn the statement what to talk about seeking apology to the Sikhs on behalf of Congress party which shows mentality of the Congress and its approach towards the Sikh community.

He said that though the clarification is itself an admission of direct involvement of Congress party in the Sikh genocide but Rahul Gandhi’s similar stand like his father on the issue is forcing others Congress leaders to remain silent on the attempt of the Congress to finish Sikhs physically from the country which resulted in murder of more than 6000 Sikhs countrywide.

He said that instead of providing justice to the Sikhs the Congress party is rubbing salt on the wounds of the Sikhs by comparing this genocide with 2002 Gujarat riots. He said that we have never said that justice should not be given to Gujarat victims but what is the point in comparing both the incidents and attacking it with 1984.

Mr. Sirsa said that it is also a reality that Congress never wanted to provide justice to the Sikhs and punish its guilty leaders and even today also its approach is same. He also asked the Congress party to tell what steps it had taken to provide justice to the victims of 1984 Sikh genocide ?

He said that instead of punishing the guilty Mr. Rajiv Gandhi followed policy of his mother in rewarding those who acted against Sikhs and Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and others were rewarded with Ministerial births and MP seats. Similar is policy now being pursued by Mr. Rahul Gandhi who has made accused Kamalnath a Chief Minister.

Mr. Sirsa said that fact is Rajiv Gandhi threatened the judiciary and law enforcing agencies against taking step against the culprits and after his death same policy was pursued by Sonia Gandhi and now Rahul Gandhi.

The SAD leader said that it is also a fact that Rahul Gandhi in his numerous interviews has clearly refused to accept the 1984 Sikh genocide as act of his party. “On whose instructions were these leader carrying out the Genocide, Can Mr. Rahul tell the nation”, quipped Mr. Sirsa.

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