‘Where’s Jan Lokpal? Only arrogance’: Nadda to Kejriwal

New Delhi, Jan 29, 2020 –

After attacking the Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protests and questioning the success of Delhi’s education system, the BJP has trained its guns on the very issue that brought Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal into the political arena – the Jan Lokpal.

BJP President J.P. Nadda asked on Wednesday, “There was a promise of a strong Jan Lokpal under whose purview even the Chief Minister would come. Where is the Jan Lokpal that will bring ‘Ramrajya’ to Delhi?”

Nadda said, “Recall that Kejriwal attacked his party’s internal ombudsman, Admiral Ramdas, and fired him.”

Nadda also lashed out at Kejriwal for allegedly betraying his mentor Anna Hazare. Both of them had launched the ‘India Against Corruption’ movement demanding a stringent Jan Lokpal Bill but later fell out and Kejriwal kickstarted his political career.

“Neither Jan Lokpal, nor Swaraj; only the rule of arrogance. Kejriwal, where is the AAP’s Swaraj Bill?” Nadda asked, alleging that not a single meeting has been held till date on Jan Lokpal.

“Whoever questioned your dictatorship and corruption, you removed him from the party,” alleged the Nadda.  (Agency)

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