Virtual revolt by Patiala MLAs, manifest complete collapse of Governance in Punjab: Bir Devinder Singh

Chandigarh, November 22, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The lackluster attitude of Capt. Amarinder Singh towards the Governance of the State is eventually leading to serious institutional crisis, arising out of the conflict between executive and the legislature.

Wickedly frustrated and thoroughly humiliated legislators of the ruling party in Punjab had begun taking head on, the district police and the civil administrations to give voice to their pent up and suppressed feelings.

The open revolt, witnessed in the meeting of District Grievance Committee of District Patiala by almost all the ruling party legislators stands testimony to the deep peril and total collapse of the contours of the chain of command.

Significantly there seems to be no cohesive synchronization between the legislature and the executive, despite the unambiguous elucidation of the Indian Constitution; that the executive is accountable to the legislature by all means.

All pervading frustration among the elected legislators manifest the cavernous decay in the ‘governance’ at all levels. Notably the home district of the Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh is leading the State as a symptomatic symbol of ‘fallen Governance’. Ironically the ‘Royal City’ of Patiala is now donning the disgraceful title of a ‘ fallen city’ conquered by corruption and infested by all possible ills.

Paradoxically the city of Patiala is represent in the State Assembly by none other than the Chief Minister himself and in Parliament Chief Minister’s wife Mrs. Preneet Kaur is representing the Patiala town, even this peculiarity has failed to change the metaphor of a ‘ fallen city’ i.e. Patiala. How could a State progress with the prevalence of such an apologetic state of affairs?

It is all the more disgusting to learn that an inspector rank official of the police department has the audacity to record almost every telephonic call of an MLA and not only this, if it’s true that he dared playing the recorded version of the telephone talk before the respected wife of the MLA.

If the police officials resort to these subversive tools than I am sorry to say that Punjab has virtually become a police State, where elected representative of the people are at the receiving end; donning no dignity and respect in the eyes of the administration.

The Hon’ble Speaker of the Punjab legislative Assembly, presumably in slumbers; otherwise by now he should have taken suo moto cognizance of such a severe and downright breach of the privilege of the legislators, which by practical implication makes them dysfunctional as an elected representatives.

In this kind of debauchery I can only suggest Capt. Amarinder Singh to step down forthwith as Chief Minister in the larger interest of the State and pave way for another leader of the Congress who could salvage the falling State of Punjab.

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