Video slamming Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s policies goes viral

New Delhi, Sep 1, 2019-

A new video from Pakistan slamming Prime Minister Imran Khan for his policies, corruption and injustice in the country has gone viral on social media.

Famous Pakistani poet Farhat Abbas Shah is seen criticising Khan for the country’s pathetic situation in an interview to Pakistan’s local news channel, Lahore TV.

Shah uses a poem to describe his feelings and the present situation in the country under Imran’s rule. He says that Imran Khan has totally failed as Prime Minister, as the situation in the country has become terrible.

“Your policies have made us beggar, you don’t deserve to be in power, why did you come? You have no idea, how the citizens of the country are facing poverty, corruption and injustice in your rule. you have failed us,” Shah said in the poem.

Shah also alleges that before elections, Imran had promised that he would free the country from poverty and corruption, but the truth is citizens are forced to beg even during his tenure.

Imran is the worst Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shah says.

In the video, he urged Prime Minister to come out of his closet and see what is happening on the streets and save the country from poverty and corruption.  (Agency)

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