Vandalism at Nankana Sahib and its nuance ‘between the lines’ – by Bir Devinder Singh

The vandalism at Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib in Pakistan is seemingly the covert operation of Indian intelligence agencies, because of their nervousness over the growing bonhomie among the Sikhs and Muslims after the opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor.

Intelligent people in the Sikh community, having the Knack to read between the lines, were already watchful of such sinister designs of the Govt. of India. The opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor has caused deep sense of disquiet to the majoritarian and authoritarian rulers of Delhi.

The National Security Advisor Mr. Ajit Doval was reportedly contemplating to evolve a strategy for thwarting the emerging bonhomie among the Sikhs and the Muslims as a consequence to Kartarpur Sahib corridor initiative by the Prime Minister of Pakistan MR. Imran Khan.

The top ideologues of the RSS at Nagpur were apprehensive of likely emerging scenario of an interfaith dialogue between Sikhism and Islam in times to come and to be more precise, between Sikhism and Sufism. So a well thought of strategy was thus worked out to upstage the emerging understanding between two significant minorities.

Consequently a hostile vandalism at Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib was stage managed through the secret agents, under the aegis of coveted cross border operations, which was cunningly crafted by the Indian intelligence agencies to achieve guileful hidden objectives.

In view of the above sinister design of the BJP and RSS, I won’t be surprised; if the movement of Sikh pilgrims to Kartarpur Sahib, through the corridor is obstructed, with mischievous intent. The reason for such a regressive step could well be attributed to Geo- Political nuance, emerging from Sikh-Muslim bonhomie post Kartarpur Sahib Corridor.

It is pertinent to mention here that Sikh Religion now has become the 5th largest Religion of the World with identifiable Global presence and it is further evolving and gradually moving to become a civilization.

Therefore the Sikh community is expected to become much more cautious and watchful. We should intensely examine every nuance of geo-political developments with clinical precision rather than overreacting instantaneously without understanding the surreptitious designs of the Majoritarian regime of the BJP.

It’s strikingly important to see that how the entire public relation apparatus of the BJP swung in to action with alarming alacrity, immediately after the stage managed incident at Gurdwara Janam Asthan at Nankana Sahib in Pakistan. How Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi a BJP MP from New Delhi, tauntingly mocked and targeted Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu, makes their reticent designs very clear.

Its also Amazing, how quickly and vociferously a BJP MLA Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa managed an anti-Pakistan demonstration in front of the High Commission of Pakistan in Delhi, the tinge of which is easily explicable. Some Ministers of the Central cabinet including Mr. Hardeep Puri and Harsimrat Kaur Badal took no time to ridicule Imran Khan on the incident.

Even Capt. Amarinder Singh tweeted quickly and sent his missive to Prime Minister of Pakistan. All sensible people vividly recall, utterly unprovoked repugnant diatribe of Capt. Amarinder Singh against Pakistan, in an utter disregard of the sensitivity of the auspicious occasion of the opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor at Dera Baba Nanak. The ineptness and extreme clumsiness of Amarinder’s harangue on such a solemn occasion still bother the sensitivity and ethics of the Sikh community.

In persuasion of the above narrative, one would like to question the genuineness of the voices of sanity and compassion, as to where were they, when Gurdwara Gian Godri Sahib at Hardwar was demolished in in Uttrakhand or for that matter when Gurdwara Mangu Math was demolished at Duarka Puri, Bhubaneshwar in Odisha ? Both these places are sanctimonious to the Sikh community because of the holy visits of Guru Nanak to these places.

It is overtly clear that only those set of People, who were earlier opposed to the opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, have suddenly become active with the negative mindset to ensure the closer of the Corridor by a definite design and also by implication.

I am of the view that the recent unfortunate killing of a young man namely, Parmendar Singh at Peshawar on Sunday could not be termed as a target killing of the Sikhs; as the deceased person does not don the Sikh identity by any standards of Sikh religion. Sikh community should be wiser enough to read the nuance, between the lines; rather than reacting vociferously, unmindful of serious insinuation and consequences.

I would appeal to both the Governments; India and Pakistan not to under estimate the intelligence of the Sikh masses; and do not attempt to use them as ‘common fodder’. Sikhs are fully conscious and cautious of their existence and role in achieving the greater interfaith understandings irrespective of the geo-political ramification.

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