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United Sikhs protest Police brutality against Delhi Auto Driver & his son

Delhi, June 18, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)
Following the brutal police beating of a tempo driver and his son, Sarabjeet Singh and Balwant Singh, United Sikhs were one of the first-responders at Mukherjee Nagar police station, calling for the termination of the officers involved and restitution for damages.

According to witnesses of the public attack, a conversation between the victim and a lone police officer escalated into a unified assault after the victim rebuffed a demand by the policeman to pay a bribe.

“A policeman hurled abuses at my son, which made him aggressive,” Manjeet Singh, father of Sarabjeet Singh, told reporters. “My grandson pacified my son and took him away, but the policeman chased and forced them to halt.”

Instead of de-escalating the situation, the police resorted to inhumane treatment and beating of the victim and his son, who both struggled in vain in their attempts to defend themselves. The victims were dragged through the streets and into the police station. With mounting public outcry, the victims were taken from detention to a local hospital for medical assessment. Thereafter, United Sikhs volunteers connected with the victims of the attack to offer support.

With overwhelming support from the local community, a protest took place in front of the Mukherjee Nagar police station on Sunday evening to show solidarity for the victims and demand the firing of officers involved.

“The police have a duty to serve all citizens with the same level of protection and respect,” said Jasmeet Singh, Director of United Sikhs India. “Through our protest, we call for the permanent removal of officers involved in the heinous attack on Sarabjeet and Balwant Singh, as well as for appropriate retraining of the entire police department and restitution for the victims.”

United Sikhs thanks the local community and organizations who joined in to demand justice from the Indian Administration. Three officers have been suspended in connection with the attack: Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northwest Delhi) Vijyanta Arya suspended Assistant Sub-Inspector Sanjay Malik and Devendra and Constable Pushpendra.

“While the suspension is a step in the right direction, we demand their dismissal and retraining to prevent shameful acts of violence from occurring in the future,” Jasmeet Singh continued. “Sikhs deserve equal protection under the law.”

United Sikhs is in contact with Sarabjeet Singh and his family to offer assistance in light of medical costs and legal expenses stemming from the attack. The psychological and emotional trauma from this police brutality will far outlast the physical injuries. UNITED SIKHS shall stand by the victims and continue to provide the latest legal updates of the incident.

“These kinds of incidents are very concerning to the diaspora. A lot of families have moved overseas to escape similar circumstances and a larger percentage of them still have relatives and friends in India,” said Jagdeep Singh, United Sikhs CEO and Executive Director for North America. “Those entrusted with law enforcement should always maintain restraint and be measured in their response.”




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