Two cops brutally thrash man, video goes viral – Watch Video

Bhopal, May 24, 2020-

In yet another gruesome incident, a video showing two policemen brutally thrashing a man in Madhya Pradesh, has gone viral on social media.

The incident took place at Piplanarayanwar village of Chhindwara district.

The clip shows policemen repeatedly hitting the man on his head and neck with a stick. Even as the man falls on the ground, the policemen go on hitting him him in his face.

Soon after the incident, both the cops were sent to police lines and an investigation into the matter has been handed to the sub-divisional officer of police (SDOP) S.P. Singh.

However, senior police officer Shashank Garg told reporters, “An old video has gone viral that shows a man being beaten. We have taken note of it. Two policemen, Krishna Dongre and Ashish, are seen in the clip. The man was seen creating a ruckus. We have ordered a probe. No case has been filed against him. We will wait for the probe to complete.”  (Agency)


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