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Twitter reveals 6 key consumer insights in India amid pandemic

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New Delhi, July 29, 2021- Twitter on Thursday revealed six key consumer insights from millions of conversations happening on its platform in India amid the pandemic that would help brands and marketers foster lasting consumer relationships by driving relevance and fast adoption.

According to the ‘Twitter Trends Report 2021’, the six trends that dominate conversations in India are — Wellbeing, Creator Culture, Everyday Wonder, One Planet, Tech Life and My Identity.

To reach this conclusion, Twitter studied millions of Tweets from January 2020-June 2021 and compared them to Tweets from the previous 18 months to learn more about what conversations people were having on Twitter in India.

The company said that these six trends present an opportunity for brands to align with consumers.

“An analysis of the millions of Tweets we see everyday, gives us a window into culture and how it’s evolving. This report also taps into various trends to give brands insights into what’s on people’s minds, what matters to them, and how they can lean into these conversations to stay ahead of the curve,” said Preetha Athrey, Head of Marketing at Twitter India.

For example, within the ‘Wellbeing’ umbrella, the top three sub-trends to emerge are self-care (+88 per cent), health and fitness (+103 per cent), and mental health Matters (+150 per cent).

“#SelfLove, #LoveYourSelf, #GoodHealth and #MentalHealthMatters are some of the popular hashtags used in these conversations. Brands should lean into this conversation by approaching it with honesty, sharing their perspectives and always encouraging people to take steps to be better — no matter how small,” the report said.

There’s been a 78 per cent growth in conversations around content, creators and the emerging creator economy in India.

“#ContentStrategies, #ArtistOnTwitter, #VideoOfTheDay, #Podcast are some of the popular hashtags used,” Twitter said.

Some of the other popular hashtags under ‘Everyday Wonder’ used are #Numerology, #Consciousness, #Spiritually, #Meditation.

One Planet conversations have risen by 80 per cent, with environment urgency (+40 per cent) and inclusive sustainability (+57 per cent) being at the forefront of these conversations, and #ClimateChange, #GoGreen and #SaveThePlanet being some of the prominent hashtags.

Tech life conversations are driven by the sub-themes of tech communication (+111 per cent), smarter living (+57 per cent) and tech for good (+61 per cent), and #DigitalIndia, #BigData, #ResponsibleTech, #TechForGood are some of the noteworthy hashtags.

“As the pandemic continues to keep people at home, conversations around technology and its impact on our lives are growing. Brands can help people envision and adapt to this by showing how their new products/services make lives easier,” Twitter said.

Under the ‘My Identity’ umbrella, #PrideMonth, #FanArmy, #EachForEqual some of the hashtags driving these conversations in India.  (Agency)

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