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Trust your sevak, interest of Northeast will be protected: Narendra Modi

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Ranchi, Dec 12, 2019-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday appealed to the people of the northeast, particularly of Assam to maintain peace and assured them that their interests will be protected at all costs.

“From the place of Baba Bholenath, I assure that there will be no impact on culture, tradition, language of northeast people including Assam. Their interest will be safeguarded. I assure them to have faith in Modi govt which is committed for the development of the northeast. In the last five years, I visited northeast more than all the previous Prime Ministers,” said Modi in a rally at Dhanbad on Thursday.

He said, “Confusion is being created over CAB by the Congress and its allies. I appeal the people of northeast not to get influenced by these people. The clause 6 of Assam will be safeguarded. We feel proud of the culture of Assam.”

He came down heavily on the Congress for taking a U-turn on CAB.

“The Congress have lost faith in tribal, dalits and other sections of the people. They are now depending on the votes of only one community and lying on the CAB. There will be no impact on the citizens of the country”.

“Congress leaders had promised citizenship to displaced people of Pakistan and Bangladesh. India was divided in 1947 and in 1971 Bangladesh was created. The maximum affected were minority people living in those countries. The minorities in Pakistan, Afganistan and Bangldesh were Hindu, Sikhs, Parsis, Jain, Christians who were living there for generations. The division was imposed on them. Inhuman behaviour was meted out on minorities and women were subjected to different forms of exploitations. The temples, Churches, Gurudawars were vandalised. They (displaced minorities) were living in different parts of the country for decades. They were made hollow promises by the Congress. It was the BJP which fulfilled the promise,” said Modi.

He said: “In last six months we have fulfilled our promises made in our manifesto. People had started losing faith in poll manifesto because parties including Congress used to forget the promises made to the people. It is the BJP which fulfilled the promises.”

“We scrapped Article 370 and implemented Indian laws and Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir. We facilitated for solution of Ram Janmabhoomi dispute which was pending for decades. We framed laws for Triple Talaq, which helps not only Muslim women but also the men. If a woman was victim of triple talaq, her brother and fathere used to be affected.”

He appealed to people to vote for the BJP in Jharkhand assembly elections.  (Agency)

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