To feed the needy and poor is my Religion, says California Bizman Arwinder Singh Chahal

Jalandhar/Santa Maria (California) Nov 19, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)
To serve and feed the needy and poor people is my religion. This was said by a well-known bizman Arwinder Singh Chahal while distributing the cooked and hot food to the needy and poor peoples who are victims of Coronavirus. He further said “We don’t plan anything “But when we see a need, we just jump into it.” “This is a difficult time we’re all going through. I just like to help out added Chahal who goes by the first name Ravi.

Arwinder Singh Chahal and his family Harpreet Chahal (Wife) Surinder kaur (Mother) Harmehar Chahal(daughter) and Harnihal Chahal(son) didn’t plan to cook and serve more than 600 meals to the homeless and to those working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, but when the opportunity arose, he and his family took advantage of it.

Arwinder Singh Chahal a resident of Santa Maria in California, He owns 7-Eleven stores in Orcutt, Arroyo Grande and Santa Barbara through which he and his family have supported the communities where his stores are located. They cooked and served meals to the homeless at the Salvation Army shelter in Santa Maria four times last year and once in January. Chahal said the vegetarian meals consisted of an Indian dish of garbanzo beans called chana masala, rice, pasta and salad.

Chahal urged other community members that Wherever you are, just try to help out”. “Anybody can do these things … as small or as big as you like. You can start with doing five meals. … It helps keep you busy, makes you feel good and you are helping others who really need it.” I’d like to say thank you to all the customers who shop with us and support us every day,” he said. “It’s like getting a big donation from the community. This is all of them. This is not just me doing it.”

While talking about his future and past projects he said that we held a back-to-school event that provided free coffee to teachers in appreciation of their work educating students, provided students with backpacks filled with school supplies, provided balls for school playgrounds and supported the Santa Maria High School pumpkin patch. But when COVID-19 became a threat to Santa Barbara County residents, He and his family looked at the needs and found a way to fill them added Chahal

Talking about the surgical masks Chahal said that surgical masks and gloves became scarce, He had more than he needed among those he received from 7-Eleven for use in his stores, so he donated 150 face masks and 2,000 gloves to Marian Regional Medical Center.

He added that our family do donations and give back to the community because selfless service is one of the fundamental principles of Sikhism, the faith we follow, and we also believe that Marian hospital also serves the community by standing on the front line in this very difficult time and we appreciate it very much,” .

He hope that what he and his family are doing will inspire others. Chahal explained that they also served up meals to personnel at the Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande police departments, Five Cities Fire Authority and the County Sheriff’s Office substation in Santa Maria. He thanked his wife Harpreet Kaur Chahal, 7-year-old daughter Harmehar, 6-year-old son Harnihal and mother Surinder Kaur cooked up and served about 129 meals to the front-line workers at Marian.

Chahal also thanked to all the customers who shop with us and support us every day,” he said. “It’s like getting a big donation from the community. This is all of them. This is not just me doing it.

”North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) in a press release issued here today expressed its happiness over the services being provided by Arwinder Singh Chahal and his family during this crisis of COVID-19 when there are several thousand peoples who need food during this crisis. Arwinder Singh Chahal is a down to earth Sikh bizman in our community and we are all proud of him the release added.