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The A to Z of India through the eyes of Kieran Drake

New Delhi, July 26, 2020-

UK diplomat Kieran Drake has put together a fascinating account of

India with his ‘Farewell A to Z’ series of memorable places and people coming at a somber time of COVID-19 is an apt endorsement for Incredible India.

At a time when tourism is badly hit, Drake with his Twitter account has strung together a riveting view of India, its people and monuments.

Drake, Minister Counsellor and Head of Politics and Press, UK is compiling this as a farewell as he leaves India.

“As my time in Delhisadly draws to a close, I thought it would be fun over my final month to tweet an A to Z of some of the things I’ve loved about living in #IncredibleIndia. I hope you enjoy them too,” Drake said in a series of tweets this month.

However, he is stuck on on X, Y and Z and is seeking ideas.

A for Auto

“I start my #FarewellAToZ with: A is for Auto! They’re my favourite form of transport in India and much loved by my whole family – and by the Prince of Wales who travelled in an e-rick in Delhi last year. What would you choose as your ‘A’?”.

B for Baoli and Block Printing

“‘B’ could have been so many things in my #FarewellAToZ like Bharat, Bombay, Bollywood or biryani. In the end though it had to be #Baoli & Block Printing. Neither are well known outside India and both are two of my absolute favourite things here.”

C is for Chai and Colour

“C is for Chai and for Colour! Two of the things I will most when I leave #IncredibleIndia.”

D is for Dosti and Diversity

“D is for Dosti and Diversity – because it’s the people that make this #IncredibleIndia & the friendships that have made our time here so special. And of course D is for Delhi, my home for 3 years. And for India’s beautiful Doors.”

E is for Elections

“E is for Elections Which have been the focus of my professional life here with #LokSabhaElections2019 and countless state polls, while we’ve also had 2 General Elections in UK.”

F is for Festivals

“F is for Festivals! From the Kumbh Mela to Ganesha Chaturthi, from Hornbill to the Jodhpur RIFF, and of course the superlative JLF, plus hundreds more I’ve experienced here – India’s festivals really are the greatest show on Earth! What are your Fs?”

G is for Ganga

“G is for Ganges or Ganga From the clear waters above Rishikesh, to watching Arti in towns along the Ganges, to the Kumbh Melas in Haridwar & Prayagraj, the Ganges has been at the heart of some of my favourite times in India.”

H is for Indian History

“There are so many possible Hs: Hindi, Hindustan, the Heat of summer, Handpainted signs, the Himalayas. But in the end H could only be for the wealth of Indian *History* – which I’ve tried to understand & loved being surrounded by. What are your Hs?”

I is for Incredible India

“What could ‘I’ be except for diverse, vast, enthralling, ever changing, #IncredibleIndia. It’s been such a privilege to live and represent my country in. Thank you to everyone who has helped make our time here so special. What are your I’s?”

J is for Jamun and Jackfruit

“J is for Jamun and for Jackfruit and for all the other fruits and food I’ve tried here for the first time and love! What would you choose?”

K is for Khana

“Food has already made repeated appearances in this farewell alphabet so far so it feels inevitable that K is for Khana And also for Kulfis, for Karma and for Kolkata. What are your Ks?”

L is for Language, Literature, Ludo

“L is for Language: for the diversity of languages in India, and for all the wonderful Indian English turns of phrase. L is for the amazing wealth of Indian Literature. L is for Ludo and all the games India has given to the world. What are your Ls?”

So many Ms

“So many Ms to choose from: Mumbai, the Monsoon, Mangoes, the fantastic Markets I’ve explored across India, the temples of Mamallapuram, Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi, and of course the Mughals. What Ms would you have chosen?”

N is for Northeast and Nimbu Soda

“N is for India’s incredible North-East. From Cherrapunjee to Kaziranga, Imphal & Loktak Lake to Kohima, Aizawl, and of course the mighty Brahmaputra it is magnificent. And N is for Nimbu Soda – the most refreshing drink ever. What are your Ns?”

O is for Old Delhi

“O is for Old Delhi. It�s not particularly ‘old’ in comparison to Delhi’s other cities, it’s seen better days, and it’s more accurately called Shahjahanabad. But it’s one of my favourite places in this great city. What are your Os?”

P is for People of India

“P is above all for the People of India who make this country – and my time here – so special. Plus a special mention for Pakora (is there a better snack?), and for air Pollution, the only thing I won’t miss when I leave Delhi. What are your Ps?”

Q is for Qilas

“Q is for India’s incredible Qilas. From Amer to Agra, Mehrangarh, Jaisalmer Bundi, Golconda, Daulatabad, all of Delhi’s and countless more I’ve explored – they are magnificent. And Q is for Qawals, most memorably at Nizamuddin. What are your Qs?”  (Agency)

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