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Surgeons of SGRD Hospital Vallah save another precious life

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Amritsar, 12 August, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

A team of Surgeons of the Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital, Sri Amritsar successfully resuscitated a 22-year-old state hockey player Gurinder Singh by successfully treating him after he was badly burned in a cylinder explosion.

National level hockey player Sukhmanjit Singh aged 16 years and state level hockey player Gurinder Singh aged 22 years both S/o Ram Singh were badly burnt on 21-05-2020 due to cylinder rupture in their own house. After the accident, the relatives of the patients rushed them to a private hospital near their home, where Sukhmanjit Singh died and Gurinder Singh’s condition did not improve.

When the family of the patient came to know about the death of Sukhmanjit Singh, the relatives of the patient brought Gurinder Singh in critical condition to the emergency of Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital, Vallah on 26-05-2020, where he was admitted with 65 percent badly burned skin. Renowned Plastic and Microvascular Surgeon of Amritsar Dr. Vikas Kakkar and his team Dr. Rana Ranjit Singh, Dr. Gurlal Singh, Dr. Rajiv Sharma, Dr. Karanveer Singh, Dr. Anurag Salwan, Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Dr. Anmol Randhawa, Dr. Chatanya, Dr. Amarjot Kaur took care of the patient day and night. Thanks to their tireless day and night efforts, the patient is now well and able to lead a normal life.

Dr. Manjit Singh Uppal, Director Principal said according to the patient’s relatives, the patient is returning home fully recovered from our hospital in two months at the same cost as the patient’s treatment in the first five days in another private hospital after the accident.

He said all the Specialist and Super-Specialist Doctor’s OPD services are provided free of charge at the Vallah Hospital, also the rest of the treatment is also being given a 40 percent discount.

He said that under Janani Bhalai Scheme delivery of women at our hospital is free and Rs. 1000 is also given as shagun on the birth of a girl child. He said that the hospital was always committed to provide affordable and state-of-the-art treatment to the poor and needy patients.

Dr. Kakkar said such surgeries are very challenging, requiring very difficult and challenging tasks like repairing the patient’s badly burnt limbs, repairing small blood vessels, muscles, which was successfully performed by a team of qualified doctors from the hospital. He said that very badly injured/ infected limbs of the body can be effectively repaired by plastic surgery.

He said that in addition to this a state-of-the-art wound care center has been set up at the hospital to provide better and cheaper treatment for serious ailments like “Diabetic Foot Ulcer”, “Bed Sore”, “Lymphoedema”, “Leg Ulcer”. That is proving to be a boon for the needy people of Punjab.

Dr. A.P. Singh, Dean, lauded the efforts made by the hospital’s team of specialist doctors to save the patient and thanked God for the patient’s recovery and return home.

He said the procedure requires in-depth knowledge, the immediate presence of mind, expertise and experience of doctors along with adequate infrastructure, SGRD Hospital with its pool of stalwart surgeons and the equipped facility, providing very cheap treatment to patients with modern techniques.

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