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Support Chowkidar to end terrorism: Narendra Modi

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Darbhanga (Bihar), April 25, 2019-

Urging the people to support the “Chowkidar” in the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said people’s one vote can end terrorism in the country.

Addressing an election rally here, Modi also said that a “strong country” needed a “strong Prime Minister”.

“Our country should be strong and for a strong country there should be a strong government. And for a strong government the Prime Minister should be strong,” he said.

“The Chowkidar of the country should be strong. Your one vote can end terrorism. Give your support to Chowkidar.”

He assured the people that he will not rest till terrorism is ended in the country.

The Prime Minister then sought votes for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Gopaljee Thakur in the Darbhanga Lok Sabha seat.

He attacked the opposition for downplaying the threat of terror though terrorism was a big issue in the country.

“Terrorism is a big issue in India. We will not tolerate terrorism and will act against it by entering into the homes of terrorists.”

Modi said the Congress had failed to connect all villages with electricity but the BJP-led NDA government had managed to do that.  (Agency)

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